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Gamecocks topple EIU


Baylee Morris, Sports Editor

This past Saturday the JSU Gamecocks sailed past Eastern Illinois in their fourth Ohio Valley Conference game. This game was the fourth straight OVC contest out of eight for the Gamecocks. This helped them add another win in the column and another win on the streak list that has now moved to 36 games in OVC play. That’s right the Gamecocks have not been beaten in 36 straight OVC matchups.

Saturday the Gamecocks put up some amazing numbers. They put up 592 total yards on offense and only having one turnover. However, this week we did see a little more of the team that we saw against North Carolina A&T by the team’s penalty numbers and yardage. The team suffered 14 penalties and 123 yards worth of penalties. I still think this team is growing and showing many similarities to that of the 2015 team that went on to the National Championship game.

While the Gamecocks are 6-1 on the season they are 4-0 in OVC play. That boosts the confidence of the Gamecocks since they are now headed on the road for two weeks. The first stop on their two away games in Southeastern Missouri.

The Redhawks this season are 4-2 and only 2-1 in OVC play. Their OVC loss came at the hands of Eastern Kentucky 23-14, who the Gamecocks have already beaten. However, the Redhawks have put up a total of 2,779 yards of offense and are average 463.2 per game. This will be a test for the Gamecocks and they are ready.

One player who is ready is that of Josh Pearson. Pearson tied the single season touchdown reception record this week having marked his 11th touchdown reception. Pearson ties Josh Barge who set the record at 11 back in 2015.

Pearson will look to break the record and the rest of the Gamecocks will look to extend their OVC win streak along with their winning record this Saturday against the SEMO Redhawks at 1 P.M. on Houck Field in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Meet the Newbies: A message from new Sports Editor Baylee Morris

baylee (1)

Baylee Morris, Sports Editor

Are you ready for some football, basketball, baseball, softball and more? Well I’m your girl. I guess I should introduce myself before I get too carried away.

The name is Baylee Brett Morris and I’m the new sports editor for The Chanticleer. I’m a senior in the communication department here at Jacksonville State University. My days are never dull, from class, to writing sports articles, or editing for TV 24. Sports have been a part of my life since I was born. My focus is in broadcasting where one day I hope all of you beautiful people can see me on ESPN, Fox Sports, or even the NFL Network.

When I am not on campus at JSU, I am down at TV 24 in Oxford where I’m the Editor of the news. Also, on Friday nights I go out and shoot multiple football games. After those games, I run the audio board for the Pigskin Roundup, one of the best post game football shows in the state of Alabama. (Okay I may be a little biased)

This year I hope to write the sports as they are meant to be reported as well as bringing light to the less popular sports such as volleyball, soccer, golf, and track. Because, ladies and gentlemen, I’ll tell you there are some diamonds in the rough, and they need the spotlight as well. So be sure to pick up a copy or go to our Facebook page every Thursday to check out the latest in Jacksonville State sports news.

Mayes enters maze as Sports Editor

“Daniel Mayes, Sports Editor.”

photo courtesy of Daniel Mayes

That has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? (You probably don’t think so, but I do) (And my mom probably does too) Every time I see it in print throughout this semester, I think I will be just as amazed as Future Daniel will be when he sees it for the first time.

Since August 25, 2016, when my name first appeared in The Chanticleer (it read Daniel Mayes, Staff Writer at that point), I have written a story for the sports section for every week that the newspaper has been placed in those red newsstands around campus for you to reluctantly grab on the way to class.

Daniel at Get on Board Day 2017 on Dillon Field (The Chanticleer/Facebook).

In that time, I have grown to love sports, journalism, and sports journalism, even more than I did when I started (which was quite a lot, by the way). Working for The Chanticleer has already lead me on some incredible experiences that I already know I’ll never forget. From stressing way too much over the specific wording in my first soccer recap, to having to take my mom with me to Nashville to cover JSU’s basketball team in the OVC tournament because I wasn’t old enough to get a hotel by myself, to actually getting to sit courtside in Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis for JSU’s NCAA Tournament game. In Actual March Madness. On Actual, National-TV CBS.

In my time with The Chanticleer I have grown as a writer, I have grown as a journalist, and I’d like to think I have grown as a person. It has forced me out of my introverted comfort-zone and helped me develop into a more well-rounded person.

I think that’s enough mushy-gushy stuff, don’t you?

So a little more about me:

Editor-in-Chief Katie Cline with Daniel at the 2017 Communication Department Banquet. Daniel was awarded the “Best Reporter/MVP Award” (Katie Cline/Facebook).

I am from a nowhere town on Sand Mountain in DeKalb County Alabama called Grove Oak (where?). I love sports (obviously) but basketball is my favorite. My cousin played basketball at JSU in the late 90s (And my side of the family didn’t receive any of that athletic ability). I am more than a little obsessed with Star Wars (I’ve seen The Last Jedi in theaters four times) (so far). I also love The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter (but slightly less so than Star Wars). My favorite TV show is The Office (or maybe Arrested Development, it depends on which day you ask me). I could eat chicken wings every day of the week (lemon pepper with blue cheese is the way to go). I am an extremely zealous teller of bad puns (as you you will find out on page three of this paper. Yeah, This Mayes IS Corny).

I’m beyond excited to get started at The Chanticleer, and I’m looking forward to (officially) working with Katie, Alissa, and Chris.

Let’s do this!



Reflections of the Sports Editor


Timothy Cash, Sports Editor

When most people think about The Chanticleer they think it’s just another college newspaper. When I think about you, though, I think about so much more than that. To me, The Chanticleer means family.

I worked that first semester with Marie, Adam Higgins and Katelyn “Bug” Schneider. Soon, graduation seasons led to Katie Cline, Alissa Camplin and Rebekah Hawkins becoming my work associates. These are the coworkers I have worked closely with, and they will be who comes to mind first when I think back at my time at the Chanty.

Katie, you have taken The Chanticleer to new heights, and I am excited to see where you take it next. The student body can’t imagine how much time you have sacrificed just to make sure the paper get published every week.

Alissa, we have had our differences at times, but I have truly enjoyed our time working together. I don’t know how we got any work done when we were in the office together, but we had fun every minute of it

Rebekah, there are not enough words to describe how thankful I am to know you. Before you took over as associate editor, you were about the only writer I could trust. More often than not, you and I were the only sports writers featured in The Chanticleer, and I am so thankful for how easy you made my job.

I wrote my first article for the Chanty in November of 2014. Specifically, the first article I wrote was Jacksonville State’s men’s basketball’s 74-55 season-opening loss to Marshall. That was four seasons ago, but I still remember listening and taking notes to Mike Parris’ broadcast.

Marvel Robinson asked me to write that story, testing the waters to see how reliable I was. He must have like me, because over the next three semesters he asked me to contribute every week. Marvel graduated in December 2015, and Marie McBurnett, the Editor-in-Chief at the time, suggested I apply for his position. I was hired on the following January.

This December I will walk across the stage at graduation, and someone new will be in charge of the sports department. I look forward to seeing where they take the sports section, and read about all of the Gamecocks’ victories.

Lastly, I would also like to send a special thank you to Greg Seitz, Josh Underwood, Tony Schmidt, Tyler Brown, Daniel Porter and the rest of the athletic department. You all have made my job as sports editor as easy as possible. I also would like to thank the student body for supporting The Chanticleer. If it weren’t for y’all, The Chanticleer would just be a memory gone by. Go Gamecocks, and God Bless.