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SGA Senate passes anti-hazing, Cabinet eligibility bills

Scott Young, News Editor

The Jacksonville State University Student Senate voted to approve several bills: one that lays out the procedure for placing organizations that haze on probation and one that adds new requirements for members of the presidential cabinet.

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SGA Senate votes to establish Presidential Cabinet

Scott Young, News Editor

The Jacksonville State University Student Senate voted unanimously to approve a bill to establish a Presidential Cabinet in their first meeting of the academic year on Monday, Sept. 16 in the auditorium of the Theron Montgomery Building.

The bill, authored by Sens. Paige Harles and Natalie Walls, allows the SGA President to nominate six members to the Presidential Cabinet who are then confirmed by the Student Senate. Each of the six Cabinet members represent one of the six schools at JSU.

The duties of the Presidential Cabinet will be to meet monthly with the SGA President to discuss issues pertinent to their specific school and advise the SGA President.

“[The SGA President] needs a Cabinet to perform his duties,” said Harles. “If you have individuals from these schools that can help with problems that are arising … it allows for communication to become clear.”

In order to be eligible for the Presidential Cabinet, members must have completed 24 hours at Jacksonville State University and maintain a 2.5 GPA.

Sen. Guadalupe Orozco initially raised concerns that a 2.5 GPA minimum for the Presidential Cabinet is too low and introduced an amendment to raise the requirement to a 3.0 GPA.

“Since they’re going to be representing an entire school of the university, don’t you think they should have at least a 3.0?” Orozco asked.

Walls responded by saying that people make mistakes and that a 2.5 GPA is adequate.

“Not everyone started out on a great foot their freshman year but that does not mean that they should not be disqualified later on to do better things,” said Walls.

Sen. Zavius Kidd asked Orozco if he believes “a GPA says a lot about a person”.

“I do,” Orozco responded. “If you’re making high grades, that means you’re coming to class and paying attention. If you have a low GPA, that probably means you’re probably not really coming to class and if you are, you’re probably not doing your work.”

Kidd said that he disagrees with Orozco and strongly rejected the amendment proposed.

“A GPA is nothing but a number,” said Kidd. “It does not define who a person is. There are many people who don’t have good GPA’s or have a college degree that are doing great things. This is just downgrading to say that a number defines a person.”

The amendment to raise the requirement to a 3.0 GPA was defeated in the Senate after a series of questions and debate.

Sen. James King inquired the authors about graduate student representation in the Presidential Cabinet.

“How will graduate students within those schools be represented?” King asked. “As their class structure and curriculum is completely different.”

Sen. Noah Davis echoed King’s concern about graduate representation in the new Cabinet.

“The problems that face graduate students are different than those that face undergrad,” said Davis.

“Even thought there is only one person, multiple subjects and ideas can be communicated during the meetings,” said Walls.

Kidd proposed a possible position for graduate students to be represented in each school.

“I think the more people that are present in the Cabinet gums up the process in general and leads to conflict of interest,” said Walls.

No amendments were proposed addressing the concerns of graduate representation and the Senate voted unanimously to approve the bill establishing a Presidential Cabinet.

Other business

  • The SGA Senate voted to appoint Mausam Parajuli, Britney Barker and Alayah Washington to the Senate for the 2019-2020 term.
  • The SGA Senate voted to appoint Alayah Washington as the Vice President of the Student Activities Council.
  • The SGA Senate tabled a bill to change the last day to submit a bill to the Senate from the end of the business day Tuesday to the end of the business day Friday. The bill was tabled due to a typo and will be considered in the next meeting.
  • The SGA Senate amended text in the Code of Laws to require candidate meetings for the Spring general election to be held no later than the business day after applications are due.
  • The SGA Senate amended text in the Code of Laws to require candidate meetings for the Homecoming election to be held no later than the business day after applications are due.
  • The SGA Senate voted to appoint Laci Gurganus, former SGA vice president of student senate, to serve as the SGA executive assistant for 2019-2020.
  • The SGA Senate voted to approve SGA President Ulises Herrera’s nominations of Taylor Anne Beckham to the Presidential Cabinet as a representative of the School of Science and Brock Shafer to the Presidential Cabinet as a representative of the School of Pre-Health Professions and Wellness.
  • The SGA Senate passed a resolution to honor the Jacksonville State University’s baseball team for winning the 2019 OVC baseball championship.
  • The SGA Senate passed a resolution to nominate the JSU Tabletop and CCG Club for the Organization of the Year award.
  • Student Judiciary Advocate Emily Barfield swore in new members of the Senate and Presidential Cabinet.

Officer reports

“Please be posting all of the flyers that we are putting up on the Facebook page,” said Kathleen Seibert, the SGA vice president of public relations, in reference to homecoming publicity. “Please push those out so we can get as big of a turn out as we can.”

Will Bowen, the SGA vice president of organizational affairs, urged student organizations to submit tailgate request spots to him for Family Weekend, which is taking place on Sept. 20 and Sept. 21 across campus.

Desmond Thomas, the SGA vice president of student activities, said that applications for Student Activities Council are open all year and that students interested in applying should reach out to him. He added that several JSU events had to be rescheduled and that October would be an event-filled month.

“By the end of this semester, everything that’s tornado related, except for the new buildings, will be done,” said Ulises Herrera, the SGA president.

Herrera went on to say that two committees are searching for a new dean for the School of Business and Industry and the School of Health Professions and Wellness. He stated that the goal is to have both positions hired before the end of the semester and for them to take their positions in January.

Jerod Sharp, the SGA vice president of student senate, announced that applications for homecoming are listed on the JSU website under ‘SGA forms’ and that he wants to push “more than ten guys participating in the homecoming showcase.”

Photo courtesy of Grace Cockrell/JSU

Meet your 2019-2020 SGA executives

Miranda Ladd, News Correspondent

With the Fall semester here, freshness is in the air — fresh faces, new classes, new experiences and fresh Student Government Association representatives.

Ulises Herrera

Ulises Herrera, President

Herrera, a first generation college student majoring in Marketing, is JSU’s first Hispanic SGA President. He is from the small town of Cleveland, Ala. Outside of his responsibilities as SGA President and being a student, Herrera loves Starbucks, meeting new people and hanging out with friends. As President, Herrera wants everyone to know that he is here for the university. 

“No matter who you are or what your problems are, I am here for you,” said Herrera.

 He wants to hold the administration accountable along with advocating for student needs. His campain focuses on three main areas: address student issues through open forums, bring back a sexual assault awareness campagn and continue to unite the administration with the student body. His advice for students is to “reach out and get involved on campus” and “step outside of your comfort zone.” 

Stephen Sharp

Jerod Sharp, Vice President of Student Senate

Sharp graduated fourth in his class from Sylvania High School. He currently serves as a town councilman of Sylvania, Ala. He was the Vice President of SGA as well as class president in high school. Continuing his association with the SGA, he was accepted into Freshman Forum and served on the Student Activities Council. Sharp also served as a Freshman Forum Mentor, Parliamentarian for the Organizational Council and Governmental Relations Committee Head. 

Being in charge of the student legislature, Sharp hopes to promote “Senate Delegates,” where organizations on campus nominate a delegate to attend formal senate meetings to see what the student senate is all about. Sharp is in charge of the SGA Code of Laws, updating the living document after a bill passes and he works along the other four SGA officers. He is also a brother of Sigma Nu. 

William Bowen

Will Bowen, Vice President of Organizational Affairs

Bowen attended high school in Chelsea, Ala. and is a transfer student from UAB. Bowen transferred to JSU after his freshman year and now he is a senior majoring in Business Management with a minor in Spanish. He is a member of Pi Kappa Alpha and has represented JSU at the Collegiate Legislature. 

“I really look forward to this year and seeing all that we can do,” said Bowen.

In his position, he plans to grow the Cocky Connect system, bring new changes to the Organizational Council and advocate for student organizations on campus to further their development. Bowen enjoys hanging out with friends and learning how to play the guitar.

Desmond Thomas

Desmond Thomas, Vice President of Student Activities 

Thomas, a senior Business Finance major from Tuscaloosa, began his involvement and deep love for JSU during his freshman year. He got involved with Freshman Forum and it sparked his involvement in many other leadership opportunities such as being a JSU Ambassador, Student Senator, Freshman Forum Mentor and Collegiate Legislature Delegate. 

“I am super grateful for the opportunities and blessings that JSU has given me,” said Thomas. 

This is Thomas’s second year in office, and he wants to take events “to the next level.” He plans to focus heavily on student-centered events. 

In his free time, Thomas loves to go on adventures with his friends, eat and sleep. He hopes that if anyone ever has any questions, they will send him an email or stop by his office. 

Kathleen Seibert

Kathleen Seibert, Vice President of Public Relations

Seibert is a junior Communication major with a concentration in public relations. She is from Smiths Stations, Ala. and throughout high school, Seibert cheered for two years and then joined theater for her junior and senior year. She was a member of the National Beta Club and National Honor Society. 

Once at JSU she joined Delta Zeta and she currently serves as her chapter’s Vice President of Philanthropy. She also has taken part in Freshman Forum, has served as a delegate for JSU at the YMCA Legislature for two years and she plans to serve as the Senate Clerk in 2020. Seibert is also a member of Zeta Phi Eta and JSU’s Honors Program. She loves to read and travel, and is an avid theatre fan and has recently gotten into podcasts.

Photos courtesy of Matt Reynolds/JSU

United with Ulises: Herrera elected new Jacksonville State SGA President

Scott Young, Staff Reporter

Current Jacksonville State University SGA Vice President of Public Relations Ulises Herrera has been elected SGA President for the 2019-2020 school year, succeeding Kasey Gamble. His victory follows a two-week long campaign against the Vice President of Organizational Affairs, Will Milner.

05022018 Ulises Herrera 02 (1).jpg
Ulises Herrera, who served as Vice President of Public Relations in 2018-19, will be the SGA’s president in 2019-20. (Matt Reynolds/JSU)

“I want to make sure that every single student is being represented on campus. My campaign was all about unity and that it what I seek to promote,” said Herrera following the news of his victory. “Not only between our student body but also with our administration.”

Herrera is a junior majoring in marketing who began his involvement with SGA his freshman year, when he joined the Freshman Forum and was later selected to be a Collegiate Legislature delegate. Later on, he became a JSU ambassador, student senator, and was elected Vice President of Public Relations last year.

During the campaign, Herrera touted his accomplishments as Vice President of Public Relations, such as having “one of the biggest SGA social media outlets in the State” and his involvement in working with a $50 million budget to create the new School of Business and Industry. As part of his platform, he stressed the importance of creating an open dialogue to discuss campus-wide sexual assault awareness.

“Students should not be having to walk around in fear of being sexually assaulted,” he said, “Every student has the right to attend college and earn their degree. I will bring back a campus wide sexual assault awareness campaign for the betterment of our student body.”

Herrera argues that the biggest challenge facing Jacksonville State University is being more open-minded to more change, and that the current administration has been hard at work to make sure they are being more “efficient and effective.”

“I want to be able to come up with new methods in fixing any recurring issues to help our student body. Change shouldn’t scare us, it should make us excited for new things to come,” he said.

Other elections for SGA were held in which all candidates for the four Vice President positions ran unopposed. The winners of those positions are as follows: Jerod Sharp, Vice President of the Student Senate; Desmond Thomas, Vice President of Student Activities; Kathleen Seibert, Vice President of Public Relations; Will Bowen, Vice President of Organizational Affairs.

For Student Senators, the winners are Mariana Alvarez, Michael Canady, Destiny Paris-Cartwright, Harrison Cheatwood, Noah Davis, Dexter Ferguson, Paige Harles, Gregory Heathcock, Giovanna Hernandez, Timothy Hinkle, Justin Jones, James King, Camri Mason, Auburn McKee, Adam McNeal, Mason Prince, Kaylee Rawlins, Matt Reed, Guadalupe Rosiles, Taylor Smith, Garrett Squires, Taylor White, Demetria Williams and Katelyn Wolf.

The winners of Miss Friendly and Mr. Friendly are Elle Kate Patterson and Craig Scott, Jr., respectively. The winners of Miss and Mr. Jax State are Kate Fleming and Brad Vonner.

Speed Dating helps Gamecocks find a Valentine


newsJP Wood, Staff Writer

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the SGA looked to play matchmaker on Wednesday night as they hosted a speed dating event in the TMB auditorium. Dozens of students turned up, looking to find new friends and potential partners in time for the 14th.

Those attending were given a set of rules, (like don’t exchange phone numbers or last names) a scorecard, and 4 minutes to make their case to the person sitting across from them. VP of student senate Will Milner, who participated, said it’s a great way to meet new people.

“Especially if you’re not even looking to go on a date and you’re just looking for new friends, which is what a lot of people are here for.”

The scorecards allowed students to score the people they met on a scale of 1-10, and were turned into SGA at the end of the night. The SGA will use the information to tell attendees who they “matched” with before Valentine’s Day.

According to SGA President Kasey Gamble, the SGA is always looking to give students the opportunity to get out of their dorms and meet new people.

“With Valentine’s Day right around the corner we wanted to do something for people to meet their date and then bring them to blacklight mini golf next week.”

Blacklight Mini Golf will be the SGA’s next event, which will take place next Tuesday the 12th, from 6 to 8 p.m. in Leon Cole Auditorium.

On hand to help the SGA was JAMM Entertainment, who has helped put on JSU events in the past, like paint parties and silent discos. JAMM teased to The Chanticleer a future event which they weren’t allowed to talk about yet.

“We’ve got a surprise coming up in a couple months, we’re doing something really amazing for you guys here on campus”.