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Spider-man swings to success

Sean Collier, A&E Writer

Courtesy of playstationlifestyle.com

It is no secret that Spider-Man has a huge fanbase. It’s also known that the video games with the witty webswinger are hit or miss with the fans as well. In 2016, Insomniac Games announced that they were making a brand new Spider-Man game exclusively for the Playstation 4. Many people were excited, but it also raised concerns. Due to previous games such as The Amazing Spider-Man 2, people didn’t want to deal with poorly executed mechanics and weak storytelling. They don’t just want to play as Spider-Man or Peter Parker. They want to be them. Insomniac Games are known for their previous games such as Sunset Overdrive and another Playstation exclusive, Rachet and Clank. They have been praised for making such unique and colorful games. With the release of Spider-Man on September 7, 2018, We can finally answer the question: How did they do? They nailed it.

At the start of the game you are introduced to a Peter Parker who is already established as Spider-Man. He also has a job in science rather than photography. This isn’t the Peter people are probably most familiar with, but he is still everything that makes Spider-Man who he is. Without giving away any spoilers, the story is very endearing and thoughtful. Being Peter feels just as important as being Spider-Man, which is a feeling no previous game had mastered. There is also so many references and surprises that fans will appreciate and love.

The movement and controls in the game are very fluid. Momentum is a key in maneuvering the city and it has been crafted in such a great way. It is so fun and relaxing to just swing through the city that you can find yourself traversing the city for hours instead of making actual progress.

The combat is made to cater to your tastes. You can fight the various thugs of New York in any way you want with the combos and gadgets at your disposal: including web shooting gadgets, suit powers, and suit mods. Not only do you get to unlock various awesome suits for Spidey, but each one comes with a unique power that, once unlocked, can be applied to any suit you want. You can play as the Spider-Man you want to be.

On top of feeling like the best Spider-Man game to date, it is the most visually stunning and colorful one by far. There are so many small details and polish to this game where I repeatedly said “Wow I can’t believe they thought of that.” The city is so full of life and events, it’s almost overwhelming. From interacting with citizens on the streets or stopping criminals in a police chase, this is the most living New York City ever to be in a game.

The attention to detail in the characters, including the random citizens on the streets, is jaw dropping. The game is stylized in a colorful and vibrant way, but still looks and feels like it is real. The details on them are so well done, it makes each character more unique and in some cases just seem more real.

Not only is it great to have a great Spider-Man game, but also just a great superhero game. I have greatly enjoyed the game so far and if you are a Spider-Man fan this is a must play. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the story goes and how well future content adds to the experience.

Faster feline flashbacks, PS4 updates in time for holidays

YouTube has recently introduced the capability to play videos in higher frame rates. For those who aren’t familiar with tech lingo, think of the cat video you’re watching as being a slide show that is moving so fast that your eye perceives it as natural motion. YouTube was previously capped at 30 frames per second.

This means that there were 30 individual “slides” in every second of video. Now users can upload at up to double the frame rate. This makes for much smoother video playback, and the difference is immediately noticeable.

In order to take advantage of this, you’ll have to be using Google Chrome or Safari 8 and select the 720p60 or 1080p60 option when watching a video. (It may work on some mobile browsers, but the desktop versions of Chrome and Safari are the only confirmed browsers at this point.)

This is especially good news for anyone who watches video game trailers or gameplays with any frequency. Until now a video could never be an exact representation of how a game will actually look when played if the game ran at a higher frame rate than 30fps.

In the near future, developers are sure to take advantage of the upgrade so that potential consumers can get a more accurate look at their product.

In other news, Sony rolled out PS4 firmware update 2.00 on October 28th.Verison 2.00, announced at Sony’s Gamescom press conference back in August, is the PS4’s first major update since its November 15 launch last year. It brought a heap of new and highly anticipated features to the console. Below is a brief overview of all the new functions.

– Share Play-One of the most touted new features, this allows you to take over the controls in a friend’s game over the network.

– Themes-Users can now download custom themes from the PlayStation Store. (There is no support for player-uploaded backgrounds as of yet.)

– YouTube-Game footage can now be uploaded directly to youtube via the “Share” button on the Dualshock 4 controller, and the YouTube app is now available for download in the PlayStation Store.

– USB Music Support-Music playback from USB storage devices is now supported, but music still cannot be stored on the system’s hard drive.

– Add to Library function-There is now an “Add to Library” button for the monthly PlayStation Plus free games. This way players can add the content to their account without having to download the game to the system, saving storage space.

These are the highlights of the update, and there are a few other minor improvements as well. However, the firmware also brought with it an unexpected issue. Many users have reported that putting the system in Standby Mode, which has been redubbed “Rest Mode” causes the system to freeze in the process of entering its low-power state.

The orange LED that indicates that the system is in Rest Mode continues to flash instead of glowing steadily as it should, and the system becomes unresponsive. If this happens, try holding down the power button on the system for ten seconds to perform a hard reset. It is advisable to shut the power completely off on the system instead of putting it in Rest Mode until Sony releases a patch to remedy the issue.

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Sawyer McKay
Staff Writer