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OPINION: It’s not Presidents Day; it’s Washington’s Birthday

Zachary Grizzard, Correspondent

Presidents Day, also known as George Washington’s Birthday, is most commonly known as a day that we get out of school or potentially off from work (sorry private sector employees). As history tells us, Presidents Day is a good way to recognize our leaders through time and be appreciative of where we have come as a nation. Many people, however, do not know the reason we celebrate Presidents Day, the original name, or how it even came to be.

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President movies that are worth watching

Breanna Hill, Arts & Entertainment Editor

President’s Day means a lot more than just a day off from classes. It is a holiday that was created to honor presidents who made bettering this country their number one priority. Though this holiday is meant to celebrate all the presidents that the U.S. has had since gaining independence, it focuses on Washington and Lincoln the most. In honor of the patriotic holiday, here’s a list of the greatest movies based on presidents.

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