Myron Jones

How to afford the latest technology

For people who love gadgets, life can be fairly expensive. It seems as though as soon as you finally save up enough money to purchase something, a newer version is announced or just right around the corner.

Instead of spending

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Apps that can help students study and remember

It is the start of yet another school year at Jacksonville State University. Many students are still scrambling to get organized for the semester and gather all of the supplies and equipment that they may need to get through the

New mobile devices for the world

On March 2, 2015 Mobile World Congress started in Barcelona. Mobile World Congress is an annual event where many popular manufacturers announce their latest technology.

This year, Mobile World Congress was filled with news and announcements. New flagship devices were

New television alternative could be revolutionary

Television has gone through a variety of stages since its inception. For years, cable and satellite have competed to keep people connected to their favorite TV shows and broadcasts. The internet has become an additional competitor thanks to services such

Choosing the perfect smartphone

Every year, new major smartphones are released. Next month, Mobile World Congress will be held in Barcelona. It is common for major manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, LG and HTC to announce their new flagships this time of year while

Spinning the wonderful World Wide Web wider

One of the latest trends in electronics is the Internet of Things. Internet of Things is all about expanding the use of the Internet beyond human to computer interaction. Instead, the Internet of Things sees the Internet as a method

Microsoft announces details of Windows 10

On January 20, Microsoft held its Windows 10 event. During its three hour keynote, Microsoft revealed plans for the latest version of the Windows operating system in addition to new hardware.
Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Operating systems