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Tuesday Talks gives first-hand look at careers

By Lauren Jackson

Staff Writer

The JSU Department of Academic Advisement hosted the first Tuesday Talks on September 26 at the Houston Cole Library. Consisting of a four-person panel of successful professionals from health care, the talk allowed students to go beyond requirements and prerequisites of a career of interest and learn more information about the daily life of a professional in the field.

The possibility of the Tuesday Talks began with an idea from the Director of Academic Advisement, Michelle Green. Green advises many students that are undecided in their major. Instead of just informing students of the requirements for their degrees, Green wished to allow students to experience the degree’s career path in a more personal way. She was able to make the event happen through the help and planning of Jennifer Wood.

“I wanted professionals to come in and give the day-to-day activities they do while working and to have a more personal career talk with students for their field of interest,” said Green.

Two alumni of JSU were on the panel for the health care talk and offered insight into getting into a master’s program after graduation, as well as practical information on the responsibilities of their jobs. The careers represented by the panel included occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy and respiratory therapy.

Occupational therapy is a profession designed to help people to take care of themselves after injuries or other issues. Jenna McCoy is an occupational therapist and JSU alumna. McCoy says that occupational therapy is a career that has allowed her to travel and have fun in her day-to-day activities.

In addition to offering details on requirements for GPA and GRE for students interested in applying for programs in occupational therapy, McCoy said, “The most important aspect of preparing is observational hours, because it shows an interest and desire to be in the field.”

Shayna Wheeler is a speech therapist, and helps her patients with issues such as communication disorders, or, in some cases, swallowing issues. In addition to offering students insights to requirements for entering speech therapy programs, Wheeler encouraged interested students to apply for graduate school early, and to keep their options open.

Another JSU alumni on the panel was Dr. Treacy Hunter, a physical therapist. While sharing the benefits of the field of physical therapy, Hunter urged students to learn to study before entering a doctoral program, because it is now required for physical therapists to have a doctorates degree.

“The beauty of this profession is that you can go anywhere, and the health field is always hiring; you just have to be ready,” Hunter said.

Respiratory therapy is a new program that will be offered on the JSU campus starting in the fall of 2017. Ed Goodwin has 25 years of experience in the field and will be overseeing the program. Respiratory therapy helps with breathing disorders or lung injuries.

Goodwin said that one of the greatest rewards of the job is to “see people at death’s door and to see them leave alive and well because of the help they received.”

Jenna McCoy, Shayna Wheeler, Dr. Treacy Hunter and Ed Goodwin spoke to students at the first Tuesday Talk on September 27. Tuesday Talks are meant to show students the practical lives and day-to-day activities of professionals in their chosen field. The first talk focused on health care professions and featured information on occupational, speech, physical and respiratory therapy. (Lauren Jackson/The Chanticleer)

“The information was great, and to see students interact with the panel afterwards is amazing,” said Wood. “I think they went above and beyond with sharing personal stories and information to help students.”

Tuesday talks will be held once a month for different professions, with the next one on October 18 for students interested in criminal justice.

According to Anna Bowden, a senior interested in occupational therapy, the talks “keep you from having to travel to other colleges and cities to learn about the things students are interested in and allows them the chance to network.”


‘October Blitz’ is a new beginning for degree evaluation

Each year, seniors (or “super seniors,” as some are referred to) scramble to get ready for graduation. Did I take all the right tests? Did I get every credit I needed for my degree? What about my cap and gown? Thanks to the Registrar’s office and Academic Advisement office, at least one part of this seemingly tedious process has been made much simpler.

The two departments located in Bibb Graves have orchestrate a month-long event dedicated to Degree Evaluation called October Blitz, and its main objective it to increase students’ knowledge of what Degree Evaluation is all about. JSU’s online degree evaluation makes it easier for undergraduate students to stay on track for degree completion.

Dr. Turner, Provost Vice President of Academic and Student affairs directs Registrar Emily White and Director of Academic Advisement Michelle Green to assist in making this cause recognized and improved.

“This is a month long event because we started this project last October and would like to end it this October. This idea has been a year long process, and we are excited to see it flourish,” Green said.

“The purpose of this event is to educate students on how to use Degree Evaluation and to have students graduate on time,” said White.

These two women have provided clips and tutorials to reiterate the importance of degree evaluation.

Getting on board is simple. All it takes is logging into your MyJSU account. There is a tutorial that gives step-by-step instructions.

Another helpful tool being offered is the mobile stations that will be set up in Merrill Hall, Martin Hall and the TMB on days of October 22, 23, 27-30 from 10:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. These mobile stations will have computer access and someone there to assist students in the process or answer any questions they might have about using Degree Evaluation.

“We have already seen an increase in students accessing their degree evaluations,” stated White.

“We are starting early with first year students to get them adjusted to the process,” said Green in regard to freshmen familiarizing themselves with the degree evaluation program, too.

For more information on the program, various faculty members mentioned above (as well as academic advisors,) can be contacted about this quick and easy process.

“I look forward to a long-term process that goes beyond just a month in the goal to help students graduate,” Green said, “By being the person that puts together the graduation process, to see more students graduate, and achieve their goals would mean the most to me.”

This event puts the stress of graduation into perspective, but the process is long-term. Students have to be willing to help themselves before the degree evaluation program can help them.

“It is a collaborative effort on everyone’s part to see this through,” White reminded students. Besides the prize of a stress-free graduation when the time comes, candy will given to those who participate at the October Blitz. In addition to this, the first 150 students get a free T-shirt. In the words of the program, “Do not hesitate, just evaluate!”

Vallean Jackson
Staff Writer

MyJSU program helps students graduate on time

Ever wonder how far along in your degree you’ve reached? The answer is just at your fingertips with the Degree Evaluation program offered on every undergraduate’s MyJSU account.

Jacksonville State University unveiled this program in 2008 and it still operates under the motto: “Don’t Hesitate…Just Evaluate!”

The program is offered with Banner, the software JSU administrators use to communicate with students.

According to Director of Academic Advisement Michelle Green, “The program is a step-by-step for students to see which classes they have completed and which classes they need in order to graduate.”

To gain access to the program and all that it offers, students need to log in to their MyJSU account. From there, they need to get to the Student Records menu through Self Service Banner. Now the student can find Degree Evaluation (CAPP).

If students have never used the tool before, they should click on Generate New Evaluation. If they have accessed their evaluation before, they can click on Previous Evaluation.

From there, the students gain access to their current degree.

GPA is available at the top of the page, along with details about the selected degree. All general education categories and the status of completion can be seen underneath it.

Any university or major-specific exams are listed as well as the completion status of them.

Students can click on the degree and see how far along they are in their schooling, but there is more: they can also click on the What-If Analysis and see how far they would be in another degree if they decided to change their major. Students should click on the current term then click on the program they wish to enter. Another Degree Evaluation Report will appear in regard to the new major. Please note that this is not a formal change of major.

“It helps students because it is a digital version of a plan of study, and it is always available, day or night,” said Registrar Emily White.

“This is not meant to replace advisors. Every student needs their advisor. This is a way for them to track their progress and prepare for their advisement,” said Green.

“We’ve really started pushing it this year because we want our students see that they can graduate on time,” said White, “It divides up the areas of study more specifically than transcripts.”

“We feel that Degree Evaluation has been underutilized up to this point,” said White.

If students want help learning how to use Degree Evaluation, there is a tutorial video on JSU’s YouTube channel.

The JSU Drama Department created university-specific video which will be released in mid-September.

Although the tool is only available to undergraduates right now, graduates will have the option to use it in the future.

During the month of October, the Registrar’s Office will be putting on a month-long event called Ocotber Blitz. There will be mobile stations spread out around campus every week to inform students about Degree Evaluation. There will be staff members present to run evaluations and walk students through the program.

Marie McBurnett