marie mcburnett

Century divide: Teaching with technology

A man walks into a classroom and takes off his coat. His slacks are tailored and his shirt tucked. His shoes are quiet against the cold floor as he takes his seat, prepared to learn. The room fills with others

Student, faculty information compromised

JSU discovered a website Tuesday providing information about students, including pictures, addresses, student numbers, birthdates and members of sororities and fraternities.

The street addresses were taken off the site Tuesday afternoon. It also has information on faculty members and recent

BRIEF: Multiple campus buildings vandalized

At least two buildings on JSU’s campus were vandalized on Tuesday night.

The words “lie” were spray-painted in black on the columns in front of Brewer Hall.  “Lie” and “walk” were also spray-painted in black on the concrete in front

How to count sheep without counting sheep

Drinking warm milk and counting sheep may work for some, but for most of the overly-stressed student population, it may not cut it. Hypnosis has been known to help some people fall asleep. I have done that once, and while