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Lady Gaga just dropping in


Lady Gaga performs at Super Bowl LI. (Photo by Billboard)

By JoAnna Mitchell, Staff Writer

Drones, cables, fire, and lots of glitter; all the ingredients necessary for a one-of-a-kind Super Bowl halftime performance by Lady Gaga. The singer appeared to leap from the roof of Houston’s NRG Stadium Sunday during Super Bowl 51, and descend over the field to continue her performance.

Gaga began her performance apparently atop the NRG Stadium’s retractable roof, where she sang a mix of “God Bless America” and “This Land is Your Land” followed by a quote from the Pledge of Allegiance.

A light show made up of 300 drones accompanied the artist just before

Lady Gaga’s mid-show costume change included faux-football padding and sparkly shorts. (Photo by Billboard)

ore her now historic leap. Known for her outrageous fashion choices, Gaga held true to form with a silver leotard covered in glitter and sporting spiky oversized shoulders. She even managed to squeeze in a slight costume change into a crop top meant to look like football padding and silver hot pants.


The singer performed a medley of her hit songs including “Bad Romance”, “Just Dance”, and “Born This Way”. Lady Gaga also performed “Million Reasons” which is from her recent album “JoAnne.” During this portion, she took time to say “hello” to her mother and father who were taking in the spectacle from the field.


Lady Gaga performs during the Pepsi Halftime Show of Super Bowl LI. (Photo by  Billboard)

She ended her performance with fire and a mic drop, after which she caught a football and leapt from her platform, this time without strings.

Many assumed Gaga would use her time in the spotlight to make a political statement against President Donald Trump, however nothing but a message of patriotic unity appeared from the singer who is known to be outspoken about her political opinions.

“Given today’s explosive political climate, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ Lady Gaga will incorporate politics in her halftime show, but rather, how far she will go,” said Meave Mcdermott of USAToday in an article published prior to the performance.

Lady Gaga’s jump from the rooftop may have been pre-recorded, but the pop star did repel down on wires. (Photo by Us Magazine)

Things are not always as they seem however, as People Magazine pointed out in an article posted to their website. “It was pre-recorded — she wasn’t on the roof,” audience member Nathan Michaud told People. “She came out on the field at the start of halftime, and they raised her up on cables in the dark as the video played. As soon as the clip showed her jumping, the spotlight focused on Gaga suspended in the air and they brought her down. She absolutely nailed it — before Tom Brady stole the rest of the show.”


The drones were also pre-recorded due to live flight restrictions by the FAA. Cnet.com reported that the Federal Aviation Administration had “barred drones for a 34.5-mile radius around NRG Stadium.” Breaking that rule could have landed a person a $100,000 fine or up to a year in jail.

Super Bowl 51 also became the first Super Bowl to ever go into over-time, seeing the New England Patriots win over the Atlanta Falcons 34-28.

Lady Gaga wows the crowds during her Super Bowl LI performance. (Photo by Us Magazine)