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Chiefs win Super Bowl LIV

Josie HowellSports Editor

The Kansas City Chiefs made a historic comeback in Super Bowl LIV against the San Francisco 49ers that ended in a final score of 31-20. This was the Chiefs first super bowl win in 50 years. This was the second-longest drought in NFL history. And while Kansas City walked away with the victory, the Chiefs did not seal the win until less than three minutes remained on the game clock.

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OPINION: Super Bowl LIV ‘one of the worst choke-jobs in sports history’

Garrett SandersCorrespondent

Last Sunday in Miami, Florida, we witnessed one of the worst choke-jobs in sports history. Super Bowl LIV featured the two hottest teams in the National Football League, but what we saw on Sunday with the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs was that no matter how aggressive one coach has shown to be, there is always a moment where they can crumble and fold.

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