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JSU soccer suffers defeat from Murray State

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Garrett Sanders, Sports Writer

Up next for the Gamecocks after a day of rest would be against Murray State. This is a team that had dominated the OVC winning the conference the year before and dominated so far this season.

For the Gamecocks once again, they couldn’t hold possession of the ball. Murray State had the ball in the Gamecock defensive side all game long. In the first half, Murray State had 12 shots compared to JSU’s two shots. With the Racers shooting the ball in the Gamecock defensive side, a goal was bound to happen. In the 14th minute, Symone Cooper for the Racers found the back of the net. This made it 1-0.

Fortunately for JSU, this would be the only scored goal of the first half. Going into halftime being down 1-0, the Gamecocks were confident they could fight and scratch their way back. Despite having made halftime adjustments, it would not get any better for JSU.

Once again, the Racers were in the Gamecock defensive zone all second half. To make things worse, the Racers had even more shots than they did in the first half. Overall, the Gamecocks had no answers to this Murray State attack.

In the 54th minute, Murray State’s Miyah Watford was looking for a pass. Abby Jones for the Racers found her way open, and Watford passed the ball to her. Jones then took a chance and shot the ball. The ball was shot perfectly, and it found its way into the back of the net. This made it 2-0.

Murray State showed no mercy. In the 67th minute, the Racers had yet another opportunity to increase their lead. Abby Jones had the ball and passed it to Elizabeth Tilton. Tilton seized the opportunity and struck a beauty to the back of the net. This made it 3-0.

If you thought that Murray State would stop scoring and stall out, think again. The Racers were out to completely dominate the Gamecocks. The shots kept on coming, and in the 83rd minute, the Racers had another opportunity to score.

Miyah Watford had the ball in the Gamecocks defensive side and found an opportunity to score. Watford shot the ball and found her way into the back of the net. This made it 4-0. That would be the final score for this matchup.

Despite JSU getting entirely outplayed by both of these teams, there is hope, Austin Peay and Murray State have more experience than the Gamecocks. Don’t let these two games make you think this JSU team isn’t excellent. This is a very young team with minimal experience. It takes time to build a strong foundation to have a successful team.

While the Gamecocks may be young and inexperienced, this is a team that has shown signs of great potential. The talent is there, and as time passes, you will see improvement. This team has fought all year long and will continue to do so. It is only a matter of time when this team will be competing for an OVC Championship.

This Friday and Sunday will be the next matchups for the Gamecocks. On Friday JSU will be hosting Belmont, and on Sunday JSU will be hosting Tennessee Martin. Both of these games will be in Jacksonville and admission is free.

Belmont will be an exciting matchup. This is a team that has a decent amount of good players and can produce a lot of offense. Tennessee Martin will be a very challenging matchup for the Gamecocks. This is a team that is in firm control of winning the OVC this year and has dominated in conference play. If you are looking for a fun day

Gamecock soccer looks to bounce back after falling in conference opener

JSU Sportswire

Garrett Sanders, Sports Writer

Conference play for the OVC has finally opened for the JSU Soccer Team! The Gamecocks, who have struggled in the past couple of weeks ,were looking to salvage their season. Getting a win in their conference opener would be huge for this team moving forward.

JSU took a 200+ mile trip to Cookeville, Tennessee to take on the Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles. This is a team overall that has a much better-looking record than JSU. However, this is also a team that lost to a North Alabama team worse than JSU did. North Alabama is currently one of the best soccer teams in the state. So, JSU had to feel confident going into this match.

However, this game was sloppy from start to finish. JSU did not play to their best game of soccer. Unfortunately for the Gamecocks, this was a game that was played with uncharacteristic errors and mistakes. Both mentally and physically.

This team is generally good at playing a clean game throughout. Friday against the Golden Eagles, the Gamecocks committed eight fouls. However, while the defense committed fouls, the Gamecocks do have something positive to come out with this.

Last week the Gamecocks had allowed every single opponent they played to play on the Gamecocks defensive side all game. Against the Golden Eagles, the Gamecocks improved from that.

While Tennessee Tech did not get in the Gamecock defensive side as much as they wanted, they made it count. This is what made the difference in the game for JSU.

In the 35th minute, Tennessee Tech found the first goal of the game. On a corner kick, the ball was kicked and headed in by Golden Eagle Molly Kafader. This made the game a 1-0 score with the Golden Eagles taking the lead.

The game would be back and forth with JSU committing foul after foul. In the 80th minute, this game was put out of reach for the Gamecocks. Chloe Smith for Tennessee Tech had the ball. She then saw her teammate, Nora Vicsek wide open. Smith passed the ball to Vicsek who then delivered a strike to the back of the net. Just like that, it was 2-0.

The Gamecocks knew at this point they were in trouble. JSU knew that they had to get in rhythm and score. Unfortunately, the Golden Eagles defense played to their best potential. The Gamecocks would have three scoring opportunities in the final ten minutes of the game. While the Gamecocks had their chances, time would run out, and Tennessee Tech remained victorious.

Despite losing their conference opener, the Gamecocks know that they can compete. This is a team that never ceases to amaze me on how they fight to the very end. Seeing how the Gamecocks fought and clawed to the very end against Tennessee Tech gives me confidence.

The next game for JSU will be against the Southeast Missouri Redhawks in Jacksonville. Admission to the game is free. The Redhawks are a team that has a similar record in comparison to JSU. However, JSU has the better scoring margin as far as their games in comparison look. If you are looking for a game that will feature a fun, entertaining, close matchup, this one is for you!


Jax State soccer looking to gain momentum

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Claire Petersen and the JSU Gamecocks will look to bounce back from a down week. (JSU Athletics)

Garrett Sanders, Sports Writer

Last week, the Gamecocks had a series of matchups against a couple of in-state foes, Troy University and Samford University. Not only did JSU have that, but they also had a road to trip to Macon, Georgia to take Mercer University. Despite the busy weekend for the JSU Soccer team, it looked like things would be in their favor. This team had favorable matchups against all three of their opponents. Unfortunately for the Gamecocks, this week’s outcome did not end in their support.

The Gamecocks seemed to have a decent chance for plenty of scoring opportunities against a weak Troy Trojan defense. The attack was on point all game long. However, the superb goalkeeping in this game saved the Trojans (and Gamecocks) from a high scoring affair. The Gamecocks goalkeeper, Morgan Lerch, proved that she is a future superstar in the making.

The impressive stat here for Lerch is that against Troy, she recorded a shutout. What is even more impressive about this stat is that this is not her first, or second, but the third shutout! Also, add to the fact that she is a Redshirt, Freshmen… You’re talking about a pure athlete who has the tremendous athletic ability and will only progress into the future!

Even though the Gamecocks did not win, they also did not lose either. The final score for this matchup against the Trojans would be a tie of 0-0.

With the Gamecocks getting two days of rest before their next matchup, they needed to start out strong. That is precisely what they did tie heading into the second half against a struggling Samford team.

Six minutes into the second half, the Gamecock Offensive attack came firing at all cylinders. The play was first set up by Sophomore Lindsay Albani. Albani passed the ball to Freshmen Abigail Martinez. Martinez then saw the team leader, Senior Madison Carruthers with an opportunity to score. Martinez crossed the ball to Carruthers. Carruthers, who had not scored a goal all season, knew this was her chance. Being the leader that she is, Carruthers stepped up to the plate, and delivered a strike!

The goal was encouraging not only the Gamecocks but for Carruthers as well. But the momentum for the Gamecocks did not last long. Even though the Gamecocks scored first, that didn’t seem to rattle the Bulldogs. Samford’s Offense came to play. The Bulldogs were in the Gamecocks defensive zone all night long.

Samford outshot the Gamecocks in a big 23 to 6 shot attempts. With the shots coming, you know that the Bulldogs would eventually get something on the board. In the 73rd minute, Korrie Sauder for Samford found her way past the net.

After that, the two teams stayed in the Gamecock defense for pretty much the rest of the night. 90 minutes was not enough to decide this matchup. But the for the Gamecocks, it didn’t get any better. The Bulldogs found themselves with six opportunities to score in the two overtime periods. With short time remaining, Korrie Sauder struck the net again.

The Gamecocks had an off night. When it seemed to go right, it didn’t end up that The Gamecocks, lost this matchup, 2-1.

JSU at this point was desperate for a win. Heading into just one day later of rest, against the Mercer Bears, they knew they could make a statement. Win, and the Gamecocks confidence would rise.

The Bears, however, were on a hot streak heading into this game. Just 23 seconds into the match, it showed. The Bears quickly came out of the gate and found themselves with a scoring opportunity. Abigail Zoeller for the Bears made a strike to the back of the net past Morgan Lerch. Just like that, the Bears had the momentum.

The Gamecocks knew they had to stay focused and upright. In the 18th minute, teamwork found this Gamecock squad back in business.

Junior Emma Meadows had the ball in Bears territory. As she looked for a pass, she found a perfect opportunity for an assist. Another team leader, Senior Claire Petersen was open. Meadows passed the ball to Petersen. Petersen did what she does best. Score. This goal would be Petersen’s third goal of the season. Petersen is only proving why her experience matters. This is one of the reasons why she is one of the leaders in this JSU squad.

But unfortunately for the Gamecocks, like against Samford, Mercer was in the Gamecock defensive zone all game long. The Bears had 28 shots to JSU’s 11. Even though the Gamecock Defense played hard and long all game long, the Bears found their mojo in Overtime.

In the 93rd minute, Caroline Smith for the Bears seized the moment. She found her way to put the ball past Morgan Lerch. The Bears would prevail and find their way past the Gamecocks.

Even though the Gamecocks did not perform well this week, they should be encouraged. This is a team that fights to the wire. The Gamecocks have been in four overtime matchups this season. This is a young squad with loads of potential.

The next game JSU has on their schedule is against the Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles. This is a team that also lost to North Alabama, but not as bad. It will be a road trip to Cookeville, Tennessee for the Gamecocks. This is a game that Gamecocks can salvage their season. Win, and they will have momentum.

Gamecock Soccer squares off with in-state rivals

JSU fell to UNA 1-0 on Friday. (Josh Gilbert/The Chanticleer)

Garrett Sanders, Sports Writer

Last Friday night, the Gamecocks had a very intriguing matchup against an in-state rival, the University of North Alabama Lions. UNA, one of the hottest soccer teams in the state of Alabama, was looking to win their fifth straight game. Unfortunately for the Gamecocks, talent in this one would show who was the better team.

The Gamecocks were overmatched on defense. The Lions attack had more pressure on the Gamecock defense getting nine shots compared to JSU’s five. However, there is one positive to take away from this stat.

While the Lions did have more scoring opportunities than the Gamecocks, JSU had a higher Shot on Goal percentage. The Gamecocks had 60% while the Lions had 55%.

The Lions also seemed to play a little too aggressive as well. They committed eight team fouls to JSU’s four team fouls.

The Gamecocks played the undefeated Lions all the way to the wire. But unfortunately, good teams find ways to prevail at the end of games. That’s what the Lions did with about ten minutes left.

The Lions Shelby Wall found her way past the Gamecock defenders and passed the ball to Anna Bove’. Bove’ then was left one-on-one with JSU Goalkeeper Morgan Lerch. Bove’ made a strike to the left post, the ball sailed past Letch, and the rest was history.

JSU at this point was desperate for something offensively to go their way. They had that chance. In the 83rd minute, Madison Carruthers had her chance to tie the game for her team. The shot was on target, but it was denied by the Lions Goalkeeper Shelby Thornton.

The Lions found their way to keep the ball out of the JSU attack and prevail the win. While JSU lost a game, they felt they should have won, they should take this as a positive rather than a negative. This is still a very young season for this team. If JSU can hang with a group like UNA, they certainly can even do a lot with this season! Especially with conference play beginning very soon for the OVC.

The next game JSU has on their schedule is against the Troy Trojans. This is a team that has a weak defense. It will be in Jacksonville and admission will be free. If you are looking for a match to see the Gamecocks have scoring opportunities, this game is for you!

Gamecocks suffer season-ending loss at SEMO


Grant Benefield, Chanty Sports Reporter 

Gamecock soccer traveled to Southeast Missouri on Sunday needing a win in their final regular season match to guarantee a spot in the eight-team Ohio Valley Conference Soccer Championship tournament.

Unfortunately, the Gamecocks came up empty against the Redhawks (7-7-3, 4-3-3) in a bitter 1-0 defeat Sunday afternoon.

With the loss and Austin Peay’s win over Morehead State earlier Sunday, Jacksonville State was eliminated from tournament contention, ending their 2017 season at a 6-10-2 (3-7-0 OVC) mark.

After a first half stalemate, the Gamecocks fell to the eventual game-winning goal in the 57th minute by Redhawk Esmie Gonazales on a cross assist from Lexi Grote.

The Gamecocks took 11 total shots, with 5 on goal.

Claire Petersen was the biggest contributor to JSU’s offense, taking 5 shots, 3 on goal.

Danelle Lindo made 3 shots, and Rachel Blanding, Madison Carruthers, and Kelly Snook each added 1.

SEMO took 16 total shots, with 7 on goal.

In her final match as the Jacksonville State goalkeeper, Senior Caroline Robinson had a historic day for the Gamecocks.

Her 6 saves against SEMO on Sunday gave her 311 career saves, surpassing former Gamecock goalkeeper Adriana Finelli’s mark of 306 and making Robinson the new all-time saves leader in Jacksonville State soccer history.

Kayla Thompson, the second of JSU’s two seniors, also finished her Gamecock soccer career on Sunday.

As a forward, Thompson recorded 9 goals and 11 assists across 68 matches in her career.