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JSU celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Ashleigh Crouch, News Correspondent

Hispanic Heritage Month is observed by Americans every year between September 15 and October 15 to celebrate the cultures and histories of American citizens who have roots in Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and South America.

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Campus celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with ISO

Brannon CahelaStaff Writer

On Tuesday, September 19, the SGA and the International Student Organization (ISO) partnered to put on the Hispanic Heritage Celebration. Originally scheduled to take place on the TMB lawn, the celebration was moved inside to the auditorium.

Despite the change of venue, the celebration of Hispanic culture still managed to attract a crowd of students interested in supporting JSU’s ISO.

Planned by SGA Vice President of Student Affairs Kasey Gamble and ISO representative Maria Aguilar, the two organizations collaborated to celebrate Hispanic culture, food, music and dance.

Aguilar, who is from El Salvador, said, “It  me really happy that the school is planning these events where I can share my culture with other people, because many people aren’t familiar with Latin American countries.”

“SGA really wanted to recognize Hispanic Heritage Month and celebrate it in a special way,” said Gamble.

Students from the International Students Organization pose with a piñata at SGA and ISO’s Hispanic Heritage Month celebration. (photo by Grace Cockrell/The Chanticleer)

“The International Student Organization is very supportive. When I mentioned that there would be a celebration of Hispanic cultures, all the international students said, ‘let’s go!’ The International Student Organization is very supportive of one another,” said Aguilar.

The celebration of Hispanic cultures consisted of food from local Mexican restaurant Baja California Grill. While the food may have come from a Mexican restaurant, Aguilar said that rice and beans are a staple in the cuisine of all Latin American countries.

In addition to food, there were many activities for students to participate in. Games such as pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs and piñatas provided students with entertainment.

Aguilar called the Hispanic Heritage Celebration a “great way to promote the International Student Organization and introduce students to new ISO officers.”

Besides food, many Latin American and Hispanic countries share similar games, said Aguilar. There was even a new game created for the event in which students matched Hispanic countries to their flags.

Music also played an important part in the Hispanic heritage celebration. In addition to Latin American music, there were also dance lessons to educate students about the music of Hispanic cultures.

“Being an international student and getting to work with SGA to plan this event makes JSU a special place for international students,” said Aguilar.

For any inquiries about future SGA events, please send Kasey Gamble an e-mail at sgavpsa@stu.jsu.edu. For more information about JSU’s International Student Organization, contact advisor Chandni Khadka at ckhadka@stu.jsu.edu. Keep an eye out for upcoming SGA events and activities.

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