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Easy last minute Halloween costumes

Breanna HillArts & Entertainment Editor

Halloween is finally here and with that comes all different types of events and parties to attend. It’s customary to wear some sort of costume to these events and parties dedicated to the festive holiday, so if getting a costume for the big night has slipped the mind, here are some easy last-minute Halloween costumes to try out.

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JSU presents 11th annual ‘Tubaween’

Miranda PrescottArts & Entertainment Correspondent

The Jacksonville State University Music Department presented its 11th annual TubaWeen on Tuesday, October 29th. The performance featured ensembles from the JSU Tuba Euphonium Ensemble, the JSU Steel Band Ensemble and the JSU Encore! Show Choir.

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Hot Take: Top 15 underrated Halloween songs

Libby PattersonArts & Entertainment Correspondent

A lot of Halloween playlists are overdone and overplayed. While the “Monster Mash” is a classic, I have compiled a list of the 15 songs you need to have playing this Halloween. From classic rock to pop and all the way to rap, this compilation of songs has all the jams you didn’t know you needed for your Halloween party.

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Hot Take: Best Halloween Movies

Breanna HillA&E Editor

Fall has officially begun. Even though the ninety degree weather seemingly doesn’t plan to stop any time soon. Though the weather is not cooperating, I still find myself getting excited for the spooky season which is now just around the corner. One of my favorite things to do around the holidays is watch movies to get me even more into the spirit, and I’ve already started the movie marathon for Halloween. Here are my top must-watch movies for October:

First, we have my all time favorite, Hocus Pocus. Hocus Pocus came out in July of 1993, which I find to be a bit strange considering Halloween is in October, but I am not going to complain. Hocus Pocus is a story about three witches who are brought back to life when Max, a teenager who is willing to do anything to impress the girl he’s in love with, lights the candle in the witch’s old house. Max, along with his crush named Allison and his little sister Dani, goes on a wild goose chase trying to trap the witches and banish them once and for all. Luckily, on their journey to get rid of the horrible hags, they run into a boy that was turned into a cat by the witches and are able to gain a bit of insight on how to carry out their plan. Overall, it sounds like a pretty wacky film, and it is, but it’s my favorite movie when the fall season comes around.

Another favorite Halloween film of mine is Halloweentown. This film hit the screen in 1998, and I’ve watched it at least fifty times. The first film was so popular that they continued on the franchise creating three more. The first installment of this successful film chain follows the Cromwell family. The family consists of a mom and her three children Marnie, Dylan and Sophie. The mother has left her secrets and her past life in her hometown, and never planned to tell her children that they were part witch. The grandma had other plans. On Halloween, the grandma comes to visit to try to coax Gwen, the mom, to let the children know about their powers and change their upbringing to include that lifestyle. After an argument, Grandma Cromwell heads back to Halloweentown alone, or so she thought. Marnie and Dylan sneak out and follow her, determined to figure out the truth. The rest of the film is about all three of the children ending up in the magical, mystical Halloweentown trying to help their grandmother fight an unknown evil while Gwen urges them to head home instead. The movies following this one includes even more magic and appreciation for the spooky holiday.

The final movie that has become a staple in my spooky-movie marathon is Monster House. I know, I know…it’s a cartoon movie that is not scary whatsoever, but quite frankly, none of these movies are scary. Who cares? They are classic in my eyes. Monster House is a cartoon movie that came to be in 2006, so it’s fairly newer than the previous two. This movie is about two neighbors, DJ and Chowder, and a girl scout named Jenny who have been frightened by the old man living in an incredibly spooky house in their neighborhood. The man is seen as cranky and uptight for several reasons, one of the biggest one being that nobody is allowed on his property at all. After the old man freaks out about the boys messing around on his property, he gets sent to the hospital, leaving the boys there alone to create even more of a mess. While trying to save Jenny, the boys find out that the house is filled with some dark presence, which later ends up being revealed that it was the old man’s late wife. The film is innocent enough for kids of all ages to watch it, and adults seem to find it interesting as well. 

Those are just a few of my favorite movies to watch around this time of year. Hopefully I’ll be able to watch and appreciate each of them a couple of times a piece before I have to kick into Christmas mode. If you haven’t seen any of these movies, I highly recommend them. 

Halloween: a triumphant return

Breihan Dryden, A&E Writer

The Halloween franchise is a series that is near and dear to my heart, people. I own multiple versions of almost every film, have seen them countless times, purchased many a shirt, and will eventually get that famous image of the hand holding a knife, gradually fading into a Jack-O-Lantern painted onto my skin. I. Love. This. Series. But as with most long running series’, not everything is hunky-dory.

You see, the original plan for the series was to focus on Michael Myers and Laurie Strode for the first two films and then proceed into a sort of anthology series, where each succeeding film would have a different plot, all centering around the holiday of Halloween. We got the first part of this anthology in 1982 with Halloween III: Season of the Witch (my personal favorite in the franchise) and people were maddddddddd as all get out. You see, people went into this expecting to see Michael Myers and what they instead got was a sci-fi horror film about Celtic warlocks harnessing the power of Stonehenge to kill the ever loving crap out of some kids. People hated that, so they brought Michael back for part four and continued on with a plot line set up in part two; Michael and Laurie were siblings and Michael has to kill his bloodline. I have always hated this detail. In 1995 the ridiculousness came to a head with Halloween 666: The Curse of Michael Myers, where a group known as the Cult of Thorn is revealed to have been controlling Michael, who now has to kill his son/brother (depending on which version of the film you watch, it’s heavily implied that he impregnated his niece just to kill the kid) who is being protected by Paul Rudd. I know you have probably let out at least one auditory “What?” by now, so let me help you out. In 1998 they threw that silly old cannon out the window for Halloween H20 or, Halloween Water and the film sucked outside of a solid performance from Jamie Lee Curtis. It had an immediate sequel called Halloween: Resurrection and it sucked debatably worse than H20. After that, Rob Zombie came in and made a solid remake of the original film (which expanded on Michael’s backstory) and a sequel to his remake, which was essentially an arthouse Friday the 13th film. Ok, sweet. Now that you’re all caught up, let’s talk about the brand spanking new Halloween film directed by David Gordon Green, simply/confusingly titled Halloween.

IT IS SO, GOOD. Oh god, almost everything about this film is wonderful. The direction, the writing (except for one very, very stupid line), the cinematography, the acting (for the most part), and the fan service. Oh god, the fan service. It’s generally very subtle and a good bit of the little winks won’t be noticed at all by casual viewers, but are an absolute treat for fans of the franchise to pick up on. Every single film in the franchise is represented in some form or fashion in this thing and the idea of having references to all of them worried me a bit, because I thought it might be a little too self-aware for my taste, but I am happy to report that almost everything is done in a very tasteful manner. I mentioned above that the writing is pretty good with the exception of one line and that’s pretty stellar considering this movie was co-written with Green by Danny freaking McBride. Not bad for his first foray into the horror genre, at least when it comes to writing. Something else I need to mention is the fantastic score composed by none other than the GOAT himself, John Carpenter. Carpenter utilizes his backing band (which is comprised of his son Cody Carpenter and his friend Daniel Davies) to create some seriously eerie songs that fit the mood perfectly. The acting is a solid good out of ten all around with two exceptions of both extremes. On one hand, we have Jamie Lee Curtis back as Laurie Strode (the seventh time this character has been brought back, by the way) and she is just fantastic. The way that she handles the trauma from her past as a final girl is both chilling and exhilarating to see when everything starts picking up. Think of it as a much better representation of trauma than the one found in Rob Zombie’s Halloween II. On the other hand, you have Judy Greer as Karen Strode, daughter of Laurie. Mrs. Greer is an actress that I know can act well, but she just seems so uninterested in being in this film. Every time you hear her talk about her childhood growing up with her crazy mom or when she is being an ass to said mom, you just don’t really care. She gives no emotion and outside of a single line delivery at the end of the film, she is straight up boring.

If you enjoy horror films, the Halloween series, or just want to see a better movie than Bohemian Rhapsody, then you out it to yourself to see this film. We need the 80’s slasher to reign supreme once more and considering this movie has grossed over $250,000,000 worldwide at this point, I’m hoping it happens sooner, rather than later.

Halloween gets 5 golden Taylors out of 5