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Mendes releases new action-packed war movie

Devin CarterCorrespondent

Sam Mendes’ ‘’1917’’ (2019) is one of the best films to be released in the last several years and should stand among the finest war movies ever made. Telling the story of two British soldiers who set out on a mission to warn a battalion of soldiers that they are marching into a trap set by the Germans, this movie takes viewers on a gripping, stimulating ride.

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Venom vs Upgrade: how similar concepts compare


Sean Collier, A&E Writer

So you are probably thinking “how many times am I going to see an article talking about the Venom movie?”. Well don’t worry, this is the last time I plan on writing about that movie… Probably. The main reason why I want to talk about it again is, whether or not you’ve seen it, people that talk about Venom have been comparing it to the movie Upgrade. I personally compared the two movies myself at first and so, here we are. I’m going to tell you why people compare these movies and give you my analysis on it.

Before I go any further I want to point out that I think Upgrade is a far superior movie. The stakes are high and you feel for Grey and what he goes through. Both of the movies are highly entertaining, but Upgrade was unexpectedly more high concept than I thought it would be. Venom is a fun movie to watch, but you don’t really have anything to take from it. Upgrade shows the degradation of human society as technology continuously gets more advanced. What does Venom give us? Confusion as to whether or not it’s a good movie… Oh, and the need to have the image of Venom and Eddie making out purged from your mind.

Both of the movies have a male protagonist who, by strange a turn of events, end up having something in their body that gives them enhanced abilities and someone to talk to in their head. (Eddie Brock gets a symbiotic bond with Venom, and Grey gets the A.I. chip, STEM imbedded in his spinal cord.) They both use this to go after the bad guys and kick butt. The protagonist in Upgrade, Grey, has a stronger motive due to his wife being murdered in front of him. Whereas Eddie in Venom simply wants payback and to bring down the villain for the greater good. Both movies definitely have some spine tingling moments and have a dark tone with humor peppered in. In the movies, both protagonists technically kill the bad guys. In Venom it is more censored due to its PG-13 rating, whereas Upgrade didn’t pull any punches when showing those poor baddies being brutalized.

Both movies have a similar set up and somewhat of a similar feel at first. However, when you actually watch them, they are worlds apart. Upgrade not only gives the audience an epic action movie, but also some things to think about and possibly scare them. Upgrade gives you the tone and runs with it. Venom doesn’t feel like it knows where it wants to be between horror or dark comedy along with the action. Both of the movies are pretty predictable, however the end of Upgrade more than makes up for any disappointment in that aspect.

With all that being said, here are some things I think Upgrade did that would’ve made Venom better. First of all, the R rating. Venom would’ve definitely been better if it didn’t hold back. The stakes would’ve been higher and it would have more impact on the audience. In the same vein, I feel like the villain should’ve had more impact on Eddie in general. It would give more reason behind Eddie’s actions and make the audience feel for him.

In Upgrade, Grey’s wife is murdered. If something like that happened to Eddie’s fiancé in the beginning, it would have meant more in general. Also, both of the protagonists don’t really want to kill anyone. Their partner, whether it is Venom or STEM, doesn’t mind killing. Venom would have been better if they ran with the dark, horror tone and had Eddie going after the bad guys for payback. He could go after all of the people involved and then finally get the main baddie. THEN we’d see Riot in action. It would make it more of a twist and make the audience have an “oh crap” moment that you get plenty of in Upgrade.

Now I know it probably isn’t totally fair to compare these movies since Venom is a comic book movie. However, I’ve been hearing them be compared so often and people completely disregard how different Upgrade actually is and how much more impactful the story is. Venom is a very entertaining movie, but Upgrade is probably one of the best action movies I’ve seen so far this year. Even though they are similar in various aspects, at the end of the day STEM wins. STEM always wins…



Lights, camera, action

Magic and witchcraft might not be on everyone’s mind now that Halloween is over, but Tuesday night, students could see real magic happen at Longleaf Studios. People weren’t casting spells or riding around on broomsticks. Instead, they were bringing the creative film process to life—and it was enchanting.

The JSU Film Club shot their first film of the semester from the comfort of Jacksonville.

The project was a first person film where audiences could witness firsthand what it’s like to do the job of a director in a studio on a film set. It showed the process of creating a film from the chaotic and fun perspective of the director.

Although the process became somewhat repetitive after running the same shot twelve times, it was necessary for absolute artistic perfection. There are many factors that contributed to ensuring this project went as smoothly as possible.

Megan Wise, a sophomore at JSU and the resident the wardrobe and makeup artist for this particular shoot, took an actress with beauty pageant potential and transformed her into Freddy Krueger’s stunt-double.

“You get your hands dirty, but it really is fun,” Wise said while putting the finishing touches on a makeup masterpiece. “Especially come Halloween time, I think people enjoy being turned into a monster or another person for a night.”

Brenton Cunningham, a senior here at JSU, was an actor in the short film portraying a producer giving his approval on the filming process. As a film student, he has seen the fruits and labors behind most of positions of the film crew.

“It’s like the circus and the army had a baby. There’s a lot of organization, but at the same time, there’s a lot of being on your own and doing your own thing,” Cunningham remarked.

Both Wise and Cunningham have participated in the film courses offered here at JSU.

Artist-in-residence Jeffrey Nichols is the instructor of all things film at JSU.

In regards to Jacksonville, Nichols said that the university “needed this type of entertainment, this type of value. Students are hungry for it in the area. Louisiana, Atlanta, North Carolina, South Carolina—they have their fruits. Now, I’m here to plant fruit and I want to see it prosper. I want to see people grow.”

One student who has grown under the guidance of Nichols is Alex McFry, the director of this promotional video. McFry, along with the club’s president, Aaron Bryant, and several others are some of the founding members of this group.

“I left leaving accomplished and refreshed. I want everybody to get a taste of that feeling when they work on our projects,” McFry said to others who might be on the fence about getting involved.

In regards to the creative ideas behind this project, McFry says, “I wanted to show audiences what it was like to be a part of the film club. Essentially, that’s what this promo does. It shows you how the Film Club operates when it’s in ‘project mode.’”

The magic that the JSU Film Club creates might not be so literal, but it is worth being a part of. For more information about the JSU Film Club, contact Aaron Bryant at and follow all the group’s events on Facebook.

Paris Coleman
Staff Writer