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A day in the life of the registrar

The sounds of printers humming and phones ringing can be heard outside the Registrar’s Office by eight o’clock each morning. The female staff is busy at work doing so much more than they receive credit for. They are the behind the scenes organization at Jacksonville State University.

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for a plethora of things: transcript requests (official as well as unofficial, dropped classes and withdrawals, name changes as well as major changes; however, these ladies do so much more than just those things. They provide students with transient letters, letters that allow students to take classes elsewhere while still being considered a JSU student. If a student is eligible to take a course at JSU they may be able to take summer classes closer to home that will transfer back to JSU to count toward the degree they are pursuing.

Transfer evaluations go to the Registrar’s Office, allowing students from other colleges whom are seeking a degree at JSU to do so. The Registrar’s Office is also in charge of the JSU catalog provided for students online. They take care of audits, major changes, and most importantly the Registrar’s Office is in charge of processing graduation and getting together the diplomas that students are seeking.

In addition to these job descriptions, employees of the Registrar’s Office have become experts in crisis management as well. Students who have come in frantically after finding that their classes have been dropped, they are facing financial complications, or other hardships are a normal occurrence.

In February 2006, Emily White became the assistant registrar. In September 2013, she was given the job title registrar.

“We get to see students from the beginning, then watch them at graduation where they have reached their goal.”

In addition to helping students with employment, employees of this office also help students get into graduate school leaving the office workers feeling as if they have played a hand in the success of a student.

“The main goal is to help our students succeed,” Ms. White said.

“We answer all the questions we receive. If we don’t know the answer we find out the answer.”

Ashley Colvin
Staff Writer

‘October Blitz’ is a new beginning for degree evaluation

Each year, seniors (or “super seniors,” as some are referred to) scramble to get ready for graduation. Did I take all the right tests? Did I get every credit I needed for my degree? What about my cap and gown? Thanks to the Registrar’s office and Academic Advisement office, at least one part of this seemingly tedious process has been made much simpler.

The two departments located in Bibb Graves have orchestrate a month-long event dedicated to Degree Evaluation called October Blitz, and its main objective it to increase students’ knowledge of what Degree Evaluation is all about. JSU’s online degree evaluation makes it easier for undergraduate students to stay on track for degree completion.

Dr. Turner, Provost Vice President of Academic and Student affairs directs Registrar Emily White and Director of Academic Advisement Michelle Green to assist in making this cause recognized and improved.

“This is a month long event because we started this project last October and would like to end it this October. This idea has been a year long process, and we are excited to see it flourish,” Green said.

“The purpose of this event is to educate students on how to use Degree Evaluation and to have students graduate on time,” said White.

These two women have provided clips and tutorials to reiterate the importance of degree evaluation.

Getting on board is simple. All it takes is logging into your MyJSU account. There is a tutorial that gives step-by-step instructions.

Another helpful tool being offered is the mobile stations that will be set up in Merrill Hall, Martin Hall and the TMB on days of October 22, 23, 27-30 from 10:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. These mobile stations will have computer access and someone there to assist students in the process or answer any questions they might have about using Degree Evaluation.

“We have already seen an increase in students accessing their degree evaluations,” stated White.

“We are starting early with first year students to get them adjusted to the process,” said Green in regard to freshmen familiarizing themselves with the degree evaluation program, too.

For more information on the program, various faculty members mentioned above (as well as academic advisors,) can be contacted about this quick and easy process.

“I look forward to a long-term process that goes beyond just a month in the goal to help students graduate,” Green said, “By being the person that puts together the graduation process, to see more students graduate, and achieve their goals would mean the most to me.”

This event puts the stress of graduation into perspective, but the process is long-term. Students have to be willing to help themselves before the degree evaluation program can help them.

“It is a collaborative effort on everyone’s part to see this through,” White reminded students. Besides the prize of a stress-free graduation when the time comes, candy will given to those who participate at the October Blitz. In addition to this, the first 150 students get a free T-shirt. In the words of the program, “Do not hesitate, just evaluate!”

Vallean Jackson
Staff Writer

MyJSU program helps students graduate on time

Ever wonder how far along in your degree you’ve reached? The answer is just at your fingertips with the Degree Evaluation program offered on every undergraduate’s MyJSU account.

Jacksonville State University unveiled this program in 2008 and it still operates under the motto: “Don’t Hesitate…Just Evaluate!”

The program is offered with Banner, the software JSU administrators use to communicate with students.

According to Director of Academic Advisement Michelle Green, “The program is a step-by-step for students to see which classes they have completed and which classes they need in order to graduate.”

To gain access to the program and all that it offers, students need to log in to their MyJSU account. From there, they need to get to the Student Records menu through Self Service Banner. Now the student can find Degree Evaluation (CAPP).

If students have never used the tool before, they should click on Generate New Evaluation. If they have accessed their evaluation before, they can click on Previous Evaluation.

From there, the students gain access to their current degree.

GPA is available at the top of the page, along with details about the selected degree. All general education categories and the status of completion can be seen underneath it.

Any university or major-specific exams are listed as well as the completion status of them.

Students can click on the degree and see how far along they are in their schooling, but there is more: they can also click on the What-If Analysis and see how far they would be in another degree if they decided to change their major. Students should click on the current term then click on the program they wish to enter. Another Degree Evaluation Report will appear in regard to the new major. Please note that this is not a formal change of major.

“It helps students because it is a digital version of a plan of study, and it is always available, day or night,” said Registrar Emily White.

“This is not meant to replace advisors. Every student needs their advisor. This is a way for them to track their progress and prepare for their advisement,” said Green.

“We’ve really started pushing it this year because we want our students see that they can graduate on time,” said White, “It divides up the areas of study more specifically than transcripts.”

“We feel that Degree Evaluation has been underutilized up to this point,” said White.

If students want help learning how to use Degree Evaluation, there is a tutorial video on JSU’s YouTube channel.

The JSU Drama Department created university-specific video which will be released in mid-September.

Although the tool is only available to undergraduates right now, graduates will have the option to use it in the future.

During the month of October, the Registrar’s Office will be putting on a month-long event called Ocotber Blitz. There will be mobile stations spread out around campus every week to inform students about Degree Evaluation. There will be staff members present to run evaluations and walk students through the program.

Marie McBurnett

JSU’s first Graduation Fair proved successful

Traditionally, graduating seniors are on their own when it comes to getting ready for that big day. Seniors this year, however, got a bit of a helping hand with JSU’s first Graduation Fair on August 26, in the Leone Cole Auditorium, lasting from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The fair was the idea of the Bursar’s office. “We wanted to offer more to the students,” said Emily White, the JSU Registrar. Numerous booths set up by JSU staff or certain companies were located in the auditorium. A taping of last fall’s graduation ceremony was played on a projector at the far end of the hall.

Seniors could walk in and fill out an information card. Each time a booth was visited, the student would receive a sticker. After six stickers, a student could hand the card back, and be put into a drawing for an Apple iPad or other door prizes.

Each booth served a different purpose for graduating seniors. For example, a booth by Village Photographers let seniors have a free sitting for cap and gown pictures. Another booth from Balfour let students order class rings. Even Waffle House was available with hot waffles and information about its company.

Previously such companies would have to wait until right before graduation to be visible to students. “This is actually much more open, it seems much more visible to students,” said Matthew Phillips, a Balfour representative.

Booths that held various JSU services, such as Alumni and Career services, lined the walls. JSU Testing Services was available to inform graduating students of the change in tests from the CBASE test to the newer EPP test. Booths from different departments such as Communication, Arts and Sciences were available to help students check up on their progress for graduation.

The reception from students attending the fair was positive. “I love it. It was very informative about the next step; it’s a great thing they have going around here,” said Senior Lorenzo Dowdell, who is majoring in Exercise Science.
“It’s very well put together; they’ve got it all really well laid out,” said Jeremy Bagwell, a Fine Arts major. All of the students noted that they found out about the fair by email from their GEM account.

JSU teachers had similar impressions. “I think it’s an excellent method of making sure that seniors help get that senioritis; it just reinforces the fact that they are okay and don’t have to wait until the last of the semester,” said Debra Goodwin, Department Chair of Family and Consumer Sciences.

President Meehan himself dropped by to check out everything the fair had to offer. “I’m very pleased. I wish I had something like this when I was an undergraduate, everything is all in one place; you don’t have to go all around campus to ask your questions and get answers,” said President Meehan.

White said JSU is evaluating whether there are plans for more graduation fairs based on the amount of reception from the first. “Every fall and spring we ought to have a graduation fair,” said President Meehan.

Taylor Brown
Staff Writer