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Another Big Weekend For The Gamecocks


Baylee Morris, Sports Editor

For two weekends in a row the Jacksonville State University Gamecocks have come home victorious.

The first weekend at the Mercer Invitational, they came home with three wins and two losses. This past weekend, the Gamecocks traveled to Montgomery where they again returned home victorious with three wins and one loss under their belt.

This weekend was another great weekend for the Gamecocks. In their game on Friday, Anna Chislom’s two-run homer put the Gamecocks on top of UNA in an extra-inning thriller. This also moved pitcher Faith Sims to three wins on the season.

Saturday the Gamecocks split in beating Alabama A&M and falling to Western Carolina. Then on Sunday Taylor Beshears went 2-3, with one of those being a single run home-run and the other hit a double that drove in three runs. Sunday also lifted Faith Sims to four wins in the circle.

At this point in the season, the Gamecocks are 6-3 overall. This upcoming weekend they look to host a double header on Saturday followed by a single game on Sunday, all three against Southern Mississippi.

The Gamecocks are coming home for their first home series of the season. However, this home opener will be unconventional with University Field not being complete. The team will host their home games at Choccolocco Park in Oxford until the field is ready.

Man, where’s the Sunkist?

By Chris Allen Brown/Associate Editor

I’m not really one to complain — a lot — but I need my daily supply of Sunkist. There’s only one thing a guy wants after a long, eight-hour work day and that’s an iced-cold … orange soda.

(You thought I was going to say an adult beverage, didn’t you?)

But no, I have to settle to an expired Minute Maid Fruit Punch.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a great drink choice, too, but not if the expiration date reads “FEB2618.” But today’s date is “MAR1218” and there were things floating atop my drink after one gulp.

Maybe it was the “real fruit juice” that Coca-Cola says is in Minute Maid. Maybe it was something that started to grow inside the bottle because it was an expired drink. I don’t know, but I guess we’ll find out if my byline isn’t in The Chanticleer in two weeks

(Hello, Spring Break next week!)

Anyways, for those who don’t know, Sunkist is a Buffalo Rock product, which Jacksonville State had a 10-year relationship with prior to giving Coca-Cola vending rights in late 2017. So, since August 2017, there have been no Sunkist bottles in a vending machine around campus.

Speaking of which, my first memory as a JSU student resulted because of a bottle of Sunkist.

I was walking to Martin Hall for a freshman-level Biology class in the Spring of 2012. I was thirsty, because I had to walk a far distance — parking, right — and came across a vending machine with Sunkist. I thought, ‘Man, this is perfect. I hope JSU always has Sunkist. I’d enjoy this place so much.’

I inserted my dollar and change then waited. And waited. And waited. And waited.

No bottle rolled out. I wasn’t happy.

From then on, I only attempted to get Sunkist at the café following JSU’s weekly football conference on Mondays. However, that changed when I declared as a Communication major and came to Self Hall on a weekly basis. And a weekly basis I bought a Sunkist from the only reliable vending machine on campus.

Me and Sunkist went together like Eli Jenkins and Josh Barge scoring touchdowns on Burgess-Snow Field. Or Whitney Gillespie and strikeouts at University Field. Or Trent Simpson and smashing home runs out of Choccolocco Park.

So, you can understand the heartbreak the first time I went to the vending machine in Self Hall and there were only Coke products. You can feel the pain and agony as I write this and glance down at this red liquid to my right where a Sunkist should be.

Man, I hope my future bride is OK with having a Sunkist foundation at our wedding. That’ll be … delightful.