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Chilean Chef brings flavors of Chile to the Caf

Brannon Cahela, Staff Writer

JSU students and faculty were treated to a unique dining experience on Friday, November 10 at Jack Hopper Dining Hall. In addition to the typical fare served at the Caf, students were granted the opportunity to sample a variety of Chilean dishes prepared by acclaimed Chef Mauricio Alejandro Arteaga Campos.

Chef Mauricio payed a visit to the JSU dining hall as part of Sodexo’s Global Chef program, sharing his Chilean cuisine with America. This tour allows people to experience the flavors of Chilean cuisine, which is unfamiliar to many American pallets.

Chef Mauricio Alejandro Arteaga Campos visited the Jack Hopper Dining Hall on Friday, November 10 to present diners with a taste of his Chilean culture. (photo via Sodexo at JSU [@JSUDINING)]/Twitter).
“Every day we try to provide diners with a unique experience.” Said Chef Mauricio. “Food is experience. Although our food is simply prepared, we prepare it with love and we believe the end result reflects that.”

There were many staple dishes of Chilean cuisine available including a skewer with chicken, pork and peppers; chicken cooked in Cognac; barley risotto with onion and tomato and a salad with shredded beef and caramelized onions.

Chilean cuisine is simply prepared with fresh, quality ingredients and stems from many Spanish influences. Chile has a diverse agricultural climate, making many fresh fruits and vegetables essential in Chilean cuisine.

For more than 20 years, Chef Mauricio has delighted thousands of Sodexo guests with his culinary specialties. He has served more than 3,100 guests per day at the historic Banco de Chile in Santiago and more than 7,000 daily meals as Executive Chef at Minera Escondido, the world’s largest copper producing mine in the northern Chilean city of Antofagasta.

Chef Mauricio’s interest in cooking began as a child, when he saw his father cooking with wood and flame. His interest then developed farther as he became more classically trained.

After studying International Technical Gastronomy at El Instituto de Capacitation Profesional de Chile, Chef Mauricio trained at Hotel Carrera in Santiago. He then joined the culinary teams at Paseo San Damian Mexican Restaurant, Restaurant Branigo Gourmet Pub, and Hotel Hyatt, and catered kosher food events for more than 12 years.

“It has been an amazing experience to be able to share the food of my country with the people of America. It is so awesome when people come to me and tell me how delicious my food was and how much it meant to them to try Chilean cuisine,” Chef Mauricio said.


How to keep students from packing for the weekend

When people think of JSU they think “suitcase school.” This simply means that most of the people come for the week of classes and then when the weekend comes most people just go home.

But what if there were some simple changes that could be made to make this campus more alive on the weekends?

I have asked a good amount of people why they think this is and most of the people that I asked gave me the same answer, “There is nothing to do on the weekends.” This is a very vague answer that I would like to shed some light on.

I think the number one thing that goes along with this phrase is that JSU practically closes down on the weekends.

If you want people to stay then things need to be open for students to do. The Caf and WoW have reduced hours of operation and the TMB, Diner and the coliseum pool completely close. On top of that, Stephenson reduces it hours on weekends as well.

For example the caf’s hours during the week is 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., but on the weekend that is reduced to 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and then it reopens from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Those hours offer a really limited amount of time that you can eat.

WoW is open from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., but I think everyone gets tired of eating the same thing all the time.

Not everyone has the funds to go off campus and eat all weekend, so they are confined to these limited hours of operation.

Another reason I think Jacksonville is deserted on the weekends is little or no intramural are played on the weekends.

The weekend would be a great time to play intramural sports seeing as we all have classes during the week. Attendance to intramural would even go up, maybe not by a large amount, but more than just the people playing the game.

With this being said, I can understand why the students that work at these places would want to close things down a little early. But that reason is that people want to leave! Why would we not want to create a place where we all want to stay and have a good time?

I also understand that not everyone is going to stay. From what I have seen most people that go here live around the area of Jacksonville so they want to go home and spend time with family.

This is geared more toward the people that live farther away than most. If things are open and are encourage participation, people that live in the area will actually want to stay.

I find this campus to be much more enjoyable when I walk to the caf or the TMB and I actually see other people walking around as well, rather than feeling like I am wandering on the Oregon Trail.

Jacksonville itself is pretty small with not much to do and there is not really much we can do about that right now. What we can do is make this campus and our college experience as fun and enjoyable as we possibly can.

Chris Morgan
Staff Writer