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Jacksonville City Council votes to revoke Brother’s Bar’s business license

Kaitlin Fleming, Editor in Chief

After several owner changes and 44 years of business in Jacksonville, Brother’s Bar closed its doors for good Wednesday, following a revocation of its business license.

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O’ Brother’s, where art thou?

With the announcement that Brother’s Bar is for sale, Jacksonville could be at risk of losing a piece of history over the course of the next few months.

Dan Nolen, owner and co-founder of the bar, opened the hotspot in 1976 with the help of his brother at about the time he graduated from Jacksonville State University.

“There was nothing for the students, no where for them to go,” Nolen said last week in an interview with Fox 6.

Originally called My Brother’s Bar, the nearly forty-year-old establishment has been a part of the university experience for students at JSU for decades.

Even though there is competition between Brother’s and Pelham’s, the experience at each establishment is a completely different one.

The tree stump stools at Brother’s attribute to the rustic atmosphere, which contrasts with the new age feel of Pelham’s.

No matter which bar students prefer, not having one of the bars in town will be a historic change to Jacksonville’s small-town records.

The announcement of the property going up for sale with King reality surprised other small-business owners in the community, too. Carol Watts, owner of Mad Hatter cupcakes just around the corner from Brother’s, said that she hates to see it go.

“Our parking lot is always full when they have a show,” Watts said.

When prompted about his reasoning behind selling the beloved hangout, Nolen told Fox, “It’s a younger person’s game now, it’s time to move on.”

The Charlie Daniels Band, Wet Willie, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Sister Hazel and Zac Brown are just a few of the numerous groups that have performed at the venue over the years. Greek life at JSU has rented out the bar many times since it has been open to the public.

Nothing is certain yet in regards to the bar closing its doors, even though there have been several inquiries about purchasing the property. As of now, no further events have been booked past December 5.

Nolen also told Fox that the “changing landscape in live entertainment and how it’s been affected by social media” are huge aspects he had to take into account when deciding the future of the beloved bar.

Alex McFry
Associate Editor