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JSU hosts the Calhoun County Band Exhibition

Local Calhoun County bands showcased their halftime shows with great pride on Burgess Snow Field, Wednesday, Sept. 10. One by one, each band took the field to put on what they have all been working on these past couple months. 

Donoho High School opened up the exhibition with songs from the musical “Chicago”.

The size of a band can be deceiving, even the smallest can blow you away. Ohatchee High School took the field with a heartfelt performance of their show, “You Will Be Found,” which showcased a message about bullying and finding your place.

Not having to travel too far, Jacksonville High School also took the field bringing with them more reasons to be proud of this small town. While there were not any scores or trophies handed out, these bands certainly have a lot to be proud of.

Everyone was in for a treat at the end of the exhibition, the Jacksonville State Marching Southerners performed part of their show “Earth, Wind, and Fire,” which is sure to continue turning heads over the rest of this marching season. High schoolers sat in awe of the size and pure talent the Southerners brought to the field. Many of them have probably already pictured themselves in that iconic red, white and black uniform.   

It is clear that band is more than just an after-school activity for these high schoolers. They all have passion and a love for marching that is clearly displayed on the field.

Photo courtesy of Brookylnn Wilkes/The Chanticleer

Spirit on Mountain Street successful, wet

Brooklynn Wilkes, A&E Correspondent

Despite a heavy downpour, Jacksonville kept its spirits high for Spirit on Mountain Street. With the new school year beginning, we have already stumbled upon a few F’s: Friends, fun, and food! Thankfully, these F’s were in abundance during the festivals 14th annual celebration. 

If you weren’t busy listening to music at the Jamfest stage, you could easily have found yourself lost within all the vendors serving up food, drinks, and good conversation. In Jacksonville, it’s easy to make friends and get to know the faces behind business we frequent every day. 

You got to know everyone especially well when taking cover from the downpour that tried to bring down the spirits on mountain street. We lost a sizable group due to the threat of lightning and impending threat of more rain. Those who stayed were clearly determined to feast on more than just food, but their eyes on Scotty McCreery. 

To pass time before McCreery, you could find kids begging parents for “Five More Minutes” of playtime at the “kidzone”. Not to mention, the people who were “In Between” their second or third round of food from vendors like Taco Bell, Jacks, Papa Johns, and Bojangles. It is also important to note the more local food options like Effina’s, Coop de Ville, Cooter Browns, and LocoMex. 

Considering the loss of people to the rain, the ones who stayed kept their smiles wide and their energies high. The vendors started breaking down their booths and anticipation for Scotty was heavy in the air, with more rain unfortunately. 

The concert went on a little later than expected in order to allow the rain to clear out. Once it did, mountain street was filled with laughter, singing, and music once again, thanks to a little help from Mr. McCreery. Rain or no rain, this year’s Spirit on Mountain Street was one that will not be forgotten too easily. 

Photo courtesy of Spirit on Mountain Street