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Session begins, Alabamians grit teeth

“It’s time we change course,” said Alabama Governor Robert Bentley in his 2015 State of the State address. “It’s time for a bold move.”

Lawmakers in the room were hoping the governor was laying out his agenda for a new

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Republican tax hikes or the democratic lottery?

It’s like watching a mouse chase a cat. Alabama governor Robert Bentley, a Republican, has been stumping for weeks now making his case for higher taxes.

It seems like some kind of nightmare from a House of Cards episode, but

Roy Moore’s stance in the courthouse door

Since last Monday, same-sex couples in Alabama have seen their hopes and dreams realized by being able to receive marriage licenses in their home state. However, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has taken his stance against the issue by theoretically

How charter schools are impacting college tuition

Coming off an overwhelming victory in the 2014 election, leaders in the Alabama legislature are feeling more confident than ever in their ability to push forward their education agenda. Topping that list is allowing charter schools in Alabama.

Charter schools

Gay marriage rulings in Alabama

Ten years ago the Alabama Legislature, led by Democrats, proposed a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Nine years ago, Alabama voters approved that amendment by an overwhelming majority.

Last week, a Bush-appointed federal judge in Mobile ruled against the state

Board of Trustees: Respiratory Therapy degree in the works

Jacksonville State University’s Board of Trustees began the new year with multiple items on the agenda during their first meeting held on January 26.

The meeting opened with SGA President Brett Johnson presenting the results of a student survey that

President Obama’s State of the Union Address

On Tuesday night, President Barack Obama delivered his seventh State of the Union Address. This time, he was more confident and enthusiastic than we have seen since the beginning of his term.

“The shadow of crisis has passed,” Obama said

Do you want a degree for free?

President Barack Obama has announced a proposal to provide free community college education to any student with a 2.5 GPA. Too good to be true? Perhaps.

As someone considering a career in higher education, it’s hard for me to say