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President movies that are worth watching

Breanna Hill, Arts & Entertainment Editor

President’s Day means a lot more than just a day off from classes. It is a holiday that was created to honor presidents who made bettering this country their number one priority. Though this holiday is meant to celebrate all the presidents that the U.S. has had since gaining independence, it focuses on Washington and Lincoln the most. In honor of the patriotic holiday, here’s a list of the greatest movies based on presidents.

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Upcoming events happening in Calhoun County

Breanna Hill, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Staying in can be quite relaxing every now and then, but sometimes getting out, going to various events and trying new things can be very beneficial, especially if you’re in a slump of some sort. There are events happening all the time in Calhoun County. Below there is a list of upcoming events happening around the county:

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Try out one of these Valentine’s Day date ideas

Breanna HillArts & Entertainment Editor

The day filled with love has once again come upon us, and for those who have significant others and special loved ones are faced with the task of coming up with an unforgettable, seemingly perfect evening. There are several ways to make Valentine’s Day memorable this year, and luckily, if you don’t have a big budget for this event there are a couple ideas that could cost less than $10 and still knock the socks off your guy or gal. Here are some fun, inexpensive date ideas for the beloved holiday:

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Top rom-coms to binge this Valentine’s Day

Breanna Hill, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away which means binging the best of the best rom-coms is a must. Here’s a countdown of the most iconic and memorable rom-coms to grace the public’s television screens.

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