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International House hosts Study Abroad Fair

Arynn Williams, Correspondent

On Monday, the Office of International House and Programs held a Study Abroad Fair in the quad. Students could stop by and learn about the multitude of programs available in the coming year.

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The history behind Mardi Gras

Arynn Williams, Correspondent

If you’re particularly devout, or just a fan of holidays, you might already be aware that Easter is on April 12th this year. Exactly forty-six days before that, though, is Fat Tuesday–or Mardi Gras. The festival is always the day before Ash Wednesday, the last hurrah before Lent.

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Learn the history behind St. Patrick’s Day

Arynn Williams, Correspondent

As March approaches, we are enjoying the last hurrah of the winter season. Right before spring begins, one last holiday can be celebrated: St. Patrick’s Day. Known for being perhaps the greenest day of the year, the holiday is celebrated in America primarily as an excuse to party, but what are the origins of St. Patrick’s Day?

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‘Little Women’ nominated for Best Picture among other nominations

Arynn Williams, Correspondent

Awards season is in full swing, with the Oscars premiering two weeks early this year. On Feb. 9, The Academy will announce the winner for Best Picture. Of the nine nominees, Greta Gerwig’s “Little Women” is a personal favorite–and with nominations in six categories, it’s safe to say plenty of The Academy’s voters feel the same.

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