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Review: ‘The Devil All The Time’ debuts on Netflix

Brooklynn Wilkes, Correspondent

The devil is certainly at work in one of Netflix’s newest films. “The Devil All the Time” will make you sad, angry and terrified all at once. Filmed in parts of Anniston and Jacksonville, you are sure to see some locations you may even be familiar with.

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‘The Walking Dead’ ends production after 11th season

Alexandra O’Neal, Correspondent

Well, this is it. It’s been ten years since the first episode of one of the most popular AMC series: The Walking Dead. The post-apocalyptic horror show based on a comic book by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard quickly became a fan-favorite after its premier in 2010. With viewers and ratings growing with each season, it quickly became a pop culture classic.

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Is ‘The Lost Husband’ worth the watch?

Breanna Hill, Features Editor

Boredom struck once again this past weekend and I found myself on Netflix looking for something to watch. I typically check out the top 10 list they have recently acquired and I noticed ‘The Lost Husband’ on it. I was instantly gravitated to it because Josh Duhamel stars in it, and because of the obvious romantic elements to it. 

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