Halloween for the commoner

The week is upon us. It is the week when people all over the world are finalizing costumes, buying more candy than necessary and ensuring the front porch light is bright enough to see from the street.

It’s nice to

Turn Out for What?

On Tuesday, November 4 there is a huge election that will impact college students all across Alabama. But it isn’t a presidential election, and the lack of high-profile candidates is causing college students to wonder why they should take the

How-to: surviving midterm madness

This week marks the official Fall 2014 midterm. With only six weeks of class left until finals week, it’s time to buckle down or enjoy the rest of the ride until December.

For freshman, this could be the first time

Headphone review: earbuds can be nothing but a bust

What university student doesn’t enjoy listening to music in at least one of its endless forms? Music is an entertainment medium that goes hand-in-hand with the college experience like no other form of entertainment. It can somewhat alleviate the boredom

Remembering AEA Chief Paul Hubbert

If I were to go around campus and ask students what they thought of AEA, they’d probably give me that college student glossy-eyed-question-mark-face that we’ve all had before. But the reality is, the AEA has likely left a stamp on

Supreme Court repeals same-sex marriage bans

Monday, October 6 may be a date that will down in history books. This week, the U.S Supreme Court had the opportunity to pass a nationwide ruling on the legality of same-sex marriage. It didn’t.

Instead, the Court took a

Fighting the generation gap

We have all heard the term “generation gap,” but what exactly does it mean to us? How do we apply what we know about the gap to help us relate to people across what, at times, feels more like the