Remembering AEA Chief Paul Hubbert

If I were to go around campus and ask students what they thought of AEA, they’d probably give me that college student glossy-eyed-question-mark-face that we’ve all had before. But the reality is, the AEA has likely left a stamp on

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Supreme Court repeals same-sex marriage bans

Monday, October 6 may be a date that will down in history books. This week, the U.S Supreme Court had the opportunity to pass a nationwide ruling on the legality of same-sex marriage. It didn’t.

Instead, the Court took a

Fighting the generation gap

We have all heard the term “generation gap,” but what exactly does it mean to us? How do we apply what we know about the gap to help us relate to people across what, at times, feels more like the

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! Where are the jobs?

2010 was a cornerstone election year for the state of Alabama. In the middle of the “Great Recession,” politicians who spouted a platform centered on job creation overwhelmingly received the vote of the people.

In fact, the dark horse candidate

Functioning reality and unreal fantasy

Do television and movies cross a line when it comes to portraying realistic events? Is our escape from the “everyday” destroying our ability to think clearly about our own lives?

We have been having this ongoing discussion in my Media

A note on partisanship

Four years ago, in my high school government class, I learned about a political party that existed very briefly in American history and has since helped shape my worldview on politics and government.

The Populist Party, otherwise known as the

Losing the lottery

The year was 1999; Governor Don Siegleman (D) had just been elected on the platform of bringing the lottery to Alabama. A year-long campaign ensued with Gov. Siegleman and his supporters blanketing the state with pro-lottery propaganda leading to the