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Review of the mysterious drama “In The Tall Grass”

Alyxxis Jones, Arts & Entertainment Correspondent

Released the October 4, 2019, “In the Tall Grass” is a popular Netflix original film. It is based on previous work done by Stephen King and Joe Hill. This mysterious drama was directed by Vincenzo Natali. Similar to the title of the film, the movie is about people that go into tall grass. When one thinks of grass, the thought of the fresh smell and summer air come to mind. However, this movie takes that thought and turns it around with a terrifying twist.

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Hot Take: YouTube channels that deserve more credit

Miranda Prescott, Arts & Entertainment Correspondent

For the past few years, Netflix has taken over as a major source of entertainment for young adults. They have an expansive library that includes television shows, documentaries and movies that are suitable for all ages and demographics. However, after a while, all of those shows get binge-watched about five times and you find yourself stuck in limbo waiting for the next season of your favorite show. Ultimately, you become bored.

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Hot Take: Is John Grass in the hot seat?

Garrett SandersSports Correspondent

John Grass is one of the most prominent head football coaches that Jacksonville State University football has ever had in its 115-year football history. With a 55-14 record in a span of six seasons, one would think his job is safe and secure. However, even with the recent success of Grass, he could be under fire.

Grass has taken the JSU Football program from the dead and has resurrected it into being a feared football program, not just in the OVC, but the FCS as well. He has won five straight Ohio Valley Conference Championships and has made the FCS Playoffs in every year he has coached. So, what’s the big deal? How is Grass’s coaching job in question?

Is it a lack of recruiting talent for JSU? When you have star players like Eli Jenkins, Troymaine Pope, Josh Pearson, Marlon Bridges and recent NFL draftee Siran Neal? There is no issue there.

What about winning games consistently? During Grass’s time at Jacksonville State, he has only lost an Ohio Valley Conference game twice in five years! That’s very impressive for someone of his caliber in coaching, coming from a small FCS school like JSU. So, if recruiting and regularly winning year by year isn’t the issue, what is?

During Grass’s tenure at Jacksonville State, he has made the FCS playoffs all five years he’s been head coach. But what if I told you out of those five years, he has only four career playoff wins?

Out of those five years, Grass has only made it out of the second round of the playoffs one time! That, of course, was the year JSU went on to a deep playoff run and were runners-up to the eventual National Champion North Dakota State in 2015.

Grass, to say the least, has had trouble making a deep playoff run throughout his five years at JSU, but there is also one more significant factor that has recently caught the attention of JSU fans everywhere. That is the fact that Grass has struggled in the past 11 games. He has gone 7-4 and keep in mind that a regular season in the FCS is 11 games.

During Grass’s five years at JSU, he has never lost more than three games in an 11 game FCS regular season. These past 11 games are certainly not the norm for JSU football. Perhaps this is a step in the wrong direction.

Greg Seitz has been very patient with Grass and the JSU football program during the time Grass has been at JSU, but with the recent track record, tables could be turning if Grass doesn’t start producing wins regularly that JSU is accustomed to seeing.

With the recent controversial football hype video that has gone viral, it seems the football program has lost control of its class act. Not to mention the fact that JSU has been making heavily careless mistakes on the football field. This comes from a general lack of discipline on the team.

Winning is a significant factor in what makes JSU football flow. However, with the recent “downfall” of JSU’s football program, it could be time for Greg Seitz to pull the plug on Grass.

On the other hand, Grass could start winning and this discussion could be irrelevant. But until the wins start coming in, we must ask the question, “Is John Grass in the hot seat?”

Let the debates begin!

Thoughts You Have When You Take A Little

Miranda PrescottA&E Correspondent

It’s that time of the year again, people. The time of the year where window paint and streamers decorate cars of young women who have just been invited to join a strong sisterhood that aligns with her values.

That’s right. It’s Big-Little Week season.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the term, Big-Little Week is something primarily Greek organizations will do to shower their newest members with love and gifts. Here, the “Big” is an older member that is their to mentor the new member throughout the rest of their time in the organization. They remain anonymous until a specific reveal day, usually three or four days after gift-giving.

Considering the fact that, at the time this article goes live, I would have been revealed to my first sorority “little,” my second over two organizations, I figured I would let you in on how I prepared with three thoughts I had going into the week.

Keep in mind, if any of these sound like I am complaining, I am not. Getting a little is one of the most special times you could ask for in college. Is it a lot of work? Absolutely. But I would not trade it for the world.

  1.       I am probably a terrible liar.

I have not been that bad at it, honestly. I didn’t tell my first little I was his big until five months after I found out I was his big. Two weeks didn’t seem like that major of a deal, in hindsight. However, I believe I have been successful thus far. At the time of writing this, on the first day of our Big-Little Week, I am proud to say that I am “two for two” in this whole lying game. Typically, this is something I shouldn’t be proud of, but considering that I am the world’s worst at keeping secrets, it is a personal win.

  1.       I never want to see a paintbrush ever again.

With Big-Little Week, one of the main presents littles will get is hand-painted canvases. There’s usually 10 to 12 given throughout the week. This may also include more crafts which require, you guessed it, more painting. Fun fact: being left-handed and painting is not really the best combination. I can not tell you how many canvases I had to restart on because my hand kept smearing the paint. I will say though, I forgot how relaxing painting could be. That is, until my hand smeared the paint for the third time on the same one.

  1.       This is truly the best time of the year.

In this moment, I do not know how my little is going to react to their gifts. I have not given her anything yet at the time I am writing this article. However, with the excitement she has gotten with every anonymous text I send or post I make on the Instagram I created as her big, I can only imagine that this excitement will carry over for the rest of the week, and the rest of her time in college.