Fields ready for ‘fresh start’ at JSU as women’s golf coach

Robbie FieldsRobbie Fields, left, has been named head coach of JSU's women's golf program. Fields previously was an assistant coach at East Carolina. (Photo provided by Robbie Fields)

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Jacksonville State announced the hiring of Robbie Fields as their new women’s head golf coach, bringing in a young coach with proven Division-I experience.

Fields found success as an assistant coach for East Carolina University, where he coached two all-conference performers, a conference champion, and a pair of U.S. Women’s National Amateur participants, in just a three-year span.

Fields began his collegiate coaching career with Mississippi State, where he served as a coaching assistant with the women’s golf team. He graduated in 2019 with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing with a concentration in PGA Golf Management.

Born and raised in Hartselle, Al, a small town outside of Decatur, Robbie Fields proudly represents the Northern Alabama area with honor. 

“Being just two hours (away) from home, in Hartselle, with my parents and grandparents offer a lot of pride and support to drive me to be successful,” Fields said. “My phone has been blowing up since the announcement, the love I get from Hartselle has been a lot, and not taken for granted.”

Fields opened up about his emotions toward taking over the job from former head coach James Hobbs, and if there was any type of pressure in doing so.

“I don’t think it’s pressure, but more gratitude because Coach Hobbs was a part of the process with me coming after the job,” Fields said. “I talked to him a lot about it, and having his support makes it easier and takes some of that pressure off. Obviously, he has done a great job here and (from) the community standpoint, that is going to be the biggest shoes to fill. I am excited to have him close by and still be a part of it.”

When detailing what his mindset is like as he prepares to become the second head coach in JSU’s women’s golf history, Coach Fields offered up some positive thinking. 

“If you are going to fail, fail forward. It is not how we get through (problems), it is how we best handle it.” Fields said, “I think the biggest thing is just being myself, and don’t take anything too hard. To let the mistakes make you better and not knock you down.” It is in this positive thinking that Coach Fields wants to build this young team on. 

Fields said that while his introduction to the program will present the team with a learning curve, the youth of the athletes will also present a challenge that both the team and staff are excited to take on.

“It’s a fresh start for a lot of us, we are going to have five freshmen on the team and only two returners, so it is going to be a learning experience for all of us that has me so excited to get to work,” Fields said. “It can be scary to have a young team, but we have a lot of talent and I want to put them to the test, plan some tough events, and be around great competition. All that breeds success.” 

Fields said that he finds the actions of the offseason to be just as important to team success than anything that they can do when the season starts.

“I am a golf nut, so this summer pre-JSU (coaching) process was boring,” Fields said. “I like the day in, day out having to grind and going to work. So, I am excited to get to know the team to figure out how I can help them and we can help each other, so we can be the best team we can. Nobody is going to expect much from the outside, so I am ready to get started and get practice going.”

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