JSU’s Advancement Committee reveals increase in 2022 enrollment at Board of Trustees meeting

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Anna Barrett, Correspondent

JSU’s Advancement Committee revealed at Monday’s Board of Trustees meeting that there is a 29 percent increase in registration for Gamecock Orientation compared to this time last year, and they claim to be ready for the fall semester.

Jessica Wiggins, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management, shared an enrollment update with the board. In this report, she included the percent increases for the following categories: applications received, admitted students, FAFSA applications received, Gamecock Orientation registration and enrollment rates for continuing students.

The most notable statistic from Wiggins is the statistic on Gamecock Orientation registration rates. Registration has gone up 29 percent compared to this time last year. 

This is the most important because although there has been an increase in applications received, accepted students who have registered for orientation are those who will be on-campus in the fall.

When asked if the university was ready for this many new students, Emily Messer, Vice President of Enrollment Management, said that it was.

“Yes, the university has been planning for this for a while now, I believe we will be ready,” Messer said.

The university has received over 12,000 first-time freshman applications, which is the most the university has received to date, according to Wiggins. Prior to this application year, the most applications JSU received was in the 2020 application year, which was about 10,000 applications.

Wiggins said the rate of admitted students has increased 26 percent from last year, with the university receiving 18 percent more FAFSA applications. There is also a 35 percent increase in enrollment from continuing students, she said.

The university needs a way to raise money to support the surge in enrollment, and the fifth annual Red Tie Dinner and Auction was a great resource for fundraising. Kaci Ogle, director of Alumni Relations, said this event alone raised over $157,000; $24,000 of which going to the Randy Owen Center for the Performing Arts, and $23,000 going towards athletics.

The 2022 Day of Giving held on Feb. 22 raised over $308,000, which was a significant increase from previous years, according to Ogle.

President Don Killingsworth named a bench on the quad on-campus after JSU Alumni, Allison Barker, for her temporary financial help over the last six months. 

Messer also announced that the Department of Management and Marketing will be named after two JSU graduates, becoming Lyons & Company, Inc. Department of Management and Marketing.

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