Organization Spotlight: Alpha Tau Omega

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Whitney Ervin, Features Editor

Many of the organizations spotlighted by The Chanticleer are already well established on campus. This week we’d like to shed a light on an up-and-coming organization, Alpha Tau Omega. 

Alpha Tau Omega is a fraternity that was founded by Otis Allan Glazebrook in 1865. After the Civil War left men divided, Glazebrook sought to unify men on campus without “sectional or partisan bias” standing in the way. He sought to help bring peace between men of the North and South. Through the years, ATO has sought to help guide men to be respectful leaders and foster brotherhood without prejudice. 

ATO is currently working hard to be chartered at JSU after the chapter had to be closed in 2002. They are working as a Nexus Group to establish a presence on campus. President Dawson Edwards shared that ATO has a clear vision of what they want to bring to campus. 

“We have a goal to charter within a year from now. We envision ourselves and want to be very approachable and involved with campus events and within the community,” Edwards said. 

They’ve participated in two events for the Gamecock Market. They are planning to take part in flag football with ZTA, a golf tournament with Phi Mu, and a Wiffle ball tournament. One of their goals is to promote collaboration between other Greek organizations and are hoping to be the leader in bringing the organizations together. 

ATO is working on choosing the philanthropy for which they’ll be working to support. It has come down to three options: supporting veterans, first responders, or suicide awareness. Whichever they choose, Edwards said they’re hoping to not only give back from a national perspective but a community-based one as well. 

Currently, ATO has 17 members and has 24/7 recruitment so anyone interested in joining is encouraged to reach out to a brother. You can also fill out an interest form on their Instagram @ato_jsu. All of the current members are knowledgeable about ATO as an organization so they can not only provide information to those interested but so they’re equipped to make a good example for ATO. They meet every Sunday at 6 p.m. at McClure Chapel. Their day-to-day activities at the moment focus on recruitment and the Executive Board is working to ensure everyone is working together to bring the organization back to JSU in a good light. 

The motto of ATO is “Love and Respect” which they hope to bring to campus. 

“Two simple words, encapsulating almost everything we stand for as Alpha Tau Omega,” Edwards said. “These words serve many purposes, being something one can have, can give and can be. They often go hand in hand, love and respect don’t only belong together, they fulfill each other.”

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