Organization spotlight: Fuego Ultimate

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Whitney Ervin, Features Editor

Jacksonville State University is home to many wonderful student organizations. It’s easy for students who want to get involved to find something to suit their interests. One of the organizations on campus that students should look into is Fuego Ultimate. 

Fuego is a very good opportunity for female students to compete as D1 athletes in the sport of Ultimate. Ultimate is a sport formerly known as ultimate Frisbee that was developed in 1968 by high school students in Maplewood, New Jersey that has gone on to become eligible for the Olympics in 2028. It is a game that emphasizes mutual respect between competitors and teammates. It is a game that requires as much thinking as it does moving. 

Fuego is a club sports team on campus with 15 players currently, but they’re always looking for new people. Fuego began in the Spring of 2019. They had game nights to gauge the interests of students, and began competing in tournaments the same year. Fuego is sanctioned through USA Ultimate. They compete with other colleges in the Southeast Region such as Auburn, Berry College, and UAB. However, they’ve also competed against Harvard, Purdue, and Norte Dame. 

The team is also very involved at JSU events. Every year they participate in Gamecock Orientation, Get On Board Day, and the Harvest Festival hosted by SGA. They are attending the Rec Fest hosted by UREC. It is also a tradition for Fuego to host a Valentines Bake Sale fundraiser. 

“A lot of students are athletes in high school but do not get the chance to continue their athletic career with the university. We welcome girls who want to continue weekly practices with a goal-oriented team. We also welcome people with no athletic background,” Emily Yeend, the team’s captain, said. 

The team is very passionate and open to teaching new players the game. It is a thinking game, requiring Ultimate IQ. They first focus on teaching Ultimate skills and knowledgeIt is a very unique experience. Yeend says the community is inclusive and welcoming to all people. They want to promote competition, confidence, and camaraderie in an environment led by athletic women. However, the community can get silly. 

“It’s no surprise to see teams at tournaments sometimes wearing costumes. We have seen players at tournaments wearing goofy costumes ranging from inflatable T-rexes, Onesies, and all the way to an entire team playing in cutoff jorts [jean shorts],” Yeend said. 

Fuego has practices every week on Dillon Field on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 6:30-8:30 p.m. Students who are interested in getting involved can join practice or visit @jsufuego on Instagram to fill out the interest form linked in their bio. Fuego is a very welcoming environment and a good way to hold yourself accountable if you’re wanting to be more active.

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