Organization Spotlight: Delta Omicron

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Whitney Ervin, Features Editor

Jacksonville State University has many great organizations that strive to make a positive impact on the campus and the community. One of these wonderful organizations is Delta Omicron. Delta Omicron is a co-ed fraternity for music majors and minors.

The fraternity was founded in 1909 at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music by three students. The JSU chapter, Delta Omega, was installed in the 1960s. The organization is one of the oldest chapters of Delta Omicron, and it’s remained an integral part of JSU. 

“We are an inclusive group of musicians who want to better JSU and our community,” Hannah Royals, the president of Delta Omicron said. 

The organization models itself around the motto, “Continually Striving, We Attain!” This can be seen put into action through their emphasis on members performing to a high achievement standard and striving to lead by example. 

Currently, Delta Omicron has 18 members with 4 more students currently in the process of joining. Anyone who is majoring or minoring in music is welcome to get involved. They are involved in many community projects and performance opportunities. All of the members of Delta Omicron strive to bring a high achievement to the groups they’re involved in. Every member is involved in the music department in different groups including Wind Ensemble, Jazz ensembles, and Civic Orchestra. 

“To the University, we foster fellowship among the top musicians and encourage growth through leadership and opportunities and experiences outside of our classes,” Royals said. 

Delta Omicron meets on Mondays, but they’re influence is felt all week long. On a day to day basis, they strive to encourage each other to support and attain high scholastic achievement. They lead by example in the music department and members are always among the first to volunteer when the music department needs help. They’ve cleaned and organized the Marching Southerners uniforms, helped get a piano cleaned for the move to Mason Hall, and helped professors move in Mason Hall after the tornado and during the pandemic. 

It’s not just the music department that Delta Omicron offers its support to. They’ve also been involved in many community projects. Members helped get a $600 donation to a local high school vocalist in need. They also go to local high schools where they teach students interested in music. Prior to the pandemic, they visited and performed at nursing homes. 

This is an excellent organization for anyone majoring or minoring in music to get involved with. 

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