Community Standards and Student Ethics organization hosts Valentine’s Day event

Students check out booths at the Love Yourself event organized by the Community Standards and Student Ethics organization. Photo courtesy of Brooklynn Wilkes.

Brooklynn Wilkes, Correspondent

Just because Valentine’s Day is over, does not mean all the love must fizzle out. On Feb. 16, Community Standards and Students Ethics hosted a “Love Yourself” Valentine’s Day Event. This event was aimed at celebrating not only self-love but love within family and friendships. 

At the event, it was hard to not find yourself being approached by smiling faces willing to talk about all things self-love, safe sex, and healthy relationships. The Title IX team and Community Standards and Student Ethics had a booth that poured out nothing but encouragement for self-love and healthy relationships. They provided postcards with encouraging messages and journals that were filled with pages that allowed you to express yourself through writing and coloring about loving yourself. 

Jean, a member of Community Standards and Student Ethics, spoke about all the different ways that Valentine’s Day can be celebrated. Valentine’s Day does not have to be just a day for couples and can be a time of reflection within yourself and other personal relationships. 

“This is the time when you can evaluate the relationship with yourself, you can evaluate your relationship with your friends and family,” Jean said. “It’s a lot of self-care and self-love.”

Jean also mentioned how friendships are important, making sure that they are doing well and know that you care. Checking on your friends can be as simple as a text or offer to hang out. 

“Even going out to eat with a friend is showing them that you care,” Jean said. 

The next booth was hosted by 2nd Chance, Inc., which aims to assist victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence. They offered a variety of pamphlets promoting safe sex, the importance of being aware of the issue of stalking on campus, and how to get help if you are caught up in a violent sexual or domestic situation. Their booth also offered free HIV testing and if you opted to take part, you would get your results that same day. 

The informative pamphlets were not the only thing that you could take home free of charge, 2nd Chance, Inc. also offered small packets of condoms to promote safe sex. 

While being greeted by a bunch of smiling faces was inviting, it is hard to turn down a chance to hold a super cute puppy. “River”, a chocolate lab puppy, was in attendance and was there to give all the love and cuddles. River is the puppy of Community Standards and Student Ethics director, Jasmin Nunez. 

“Our Love Yourself event was a success with over 67 students engaging with us,” Nunez said. She also boasted about having River make his official debut at the event, he certainly did not disappoint. 

The event was eye-opening and gave many the opportunity to explore their relationship with themselves and those around them. It was informative and welcoming for those who may not know where to start. The Community Standards and Student Ethics hosted a super engaging event that made Valentine’s Day more than just a lovers holiday.

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