Cross country competes in their last seasonal meet

Courtesy of JSU Athletics

Jo Mayo, Correspondent

Jacksonville State University’s men and women’s cross country team competed in their last meet of the season on Friday, Nov. 12, in Huntsville, Alabama. JSU fought hard in the NCAA South Region Championships against numerous colleges from neighboring states.

The Lady Gamecocks competed against the best of the best in a 6k. 225 women ran in this race, not including the six that did not finish (DNF). Leading the Gamecocks was senior Sarah Jaloma who came in 157th place. This place is impressive considering she outran 68 people for that spot. She ran the first split of 1.6k in 5:47:68 and had an overall time of 23:13:14. Close behind her was Bethelhem Manzano Jimeno in 162nd place. This freshman had a faster 1.6k split with 5:46:65 but had an overall time of 23:19:51. In 175th came sophomore Elizabeth Wetmore with 23:40:26. These women lead the Gamecocks with their times. Following this was Sierra Wainer in 208th with 24:53:75, Briar Poytress in 210th with 24:56:87, Miriam Schulz in 213 with 25:10:88, and directly behind her in 214th was Trinity Schraudner with 25:14:03. When looking at the overall placements, Ole Miss came in first averaging 69 points, and their team had an average time of 20:13. Jacksonville State had an average time of 24:00 with 844 points, coming in 31/32. JSU managed to beat Georgia Southern who had a 25:09 average time.

The Gamecock men also competed in these championships, running a 10k. Junior Alex Kitum led JSU in 127th place with a time of 33:24:07, while running the first split of 1.6k in an astounding time of 4:50:39. In 148th was freshman Rodrigo Fraga Odriozola with 34:54:04. He was very consistent in running the second to last 8.22k split in 6:03:24 and the last 10k split in 6:03:73. Next came Mason McMahon in 157th with a time of 35:37:49. His first 1.6k split was an exciting 5:13:23. After these leaders came Taylor Gibson in 167th with 36:53:22, Sam Green in 170th with 37:32:21, and directly behind him in 171th was Kaden Marker with 37:49:87. There were 175 men who finished in this 10k, not including the six that DNF. Ole Miss won once again with an average time of 29:57 and a score of 68. Jacksonville State placed 24/25 with an average score of 717 and time of 35:40, which led them to beat Florida Atlantic who had an average overall score of 723.

The Gamecock women’s cross country team placed 31/32, led by Sarah Jaloma placing 157th. The men’s team did about the same as the women placing 24/25 overall, led by Alex Kitum coming in 127th out of the 175 that finished. These NCAA Region Championships were the last meets of the season for both cross country teams. After having consistent placings all year, the Gamecocks are ready to improve and train for the next season.

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