Psychological thriller “Squid Game” stays on Netflix top 10

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Brooklynn Wilkes, Correspondent

The newest streaming craze has officially come into the spotlight. “Squid Game” was released as a Netflix Original on September 17 of this year and has exploded in popularity within the past week.

The show spans nine episodes and will leave you begging for a second season. If you can get past the gore and loss of characters you grow to love, then this show is worth the watch. 

This thriller is set in modern-day Seoul, South Korea. The show follows the competitors in what is essentially a deathmatch game show for people in extreme debt. All the characters in the show have their own reasons behind why they decide to take part in the game. Some are heartbreaking and some are just selfish. 

Not everyone who was approached about the game took part, but 456 decided to become players in order to win the cash prize of around 39 million dollars. However, these games are not going to be as easy as they think they will be. 

After the first game, most of the players even decide to drop out and everyone is allowed to go back to their lives. This did not last very long, after returning to their lives the players remember exactly why they decided to join the game in the first place. Each of them had issues that could be resolved with the prize money. Almost all of the players returned to resume the games, and it just gets darker from there. 

The main character, Gi-Hun, played by Lee Jung-Jae found himself in debt due to gambling and being involved in the wrong crowd of people. His reason for joining the game is to pay back his debts and win back the respect of his daughter. 

Without spoiling too much, Gi-Hun ends up taking on more than just trying to be a better dad by the end of the series. In a heartbreaking arc, his fallen friends beg him to remember their reasons for being there if he ends up winning the game.  

The color palette of where the games are being held is deceptive with the bright colors and elementary school style. What actually goes on within those walls is nothing compared to its playful interior; it is an astounding contrast. 

The games within this show are brutal, yet childlike, and will leave you on the edge of your seat. With six games in total, each one takes multiple lives and leaves the remaining players wondering if the prize money is actually worth it. The worst part is the players do not even know what game they will be playing until they are in the game itself. 

 “Squid Game” is a psychological thriller in the most classic sense. It keeps you wondering whether or not you yourself would take part in a series of games like this and if you would survive it. This series is hard to watch, but the need to know more makes it deceptively easy to keep pressing play.

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