The Redbird Coffee opens on Jacksonville square

Courtesy of The Redbird Coffee Facebook page

Emily Ford, Correspondent

There is great news for all coffee lovers. The Redbird Coffee opened on Jacksonville square.

The official opening day was on Thursday, October. The restaurant’s hours are on its Facebook page, and it will be open 7 days a week. The restaurant staff has been working tirelessly to prepare for the grand opening and to create a pleasant experience for customers. 

The new menu features hot or iced espressos, coffees, and teas. Snacks include scones, croissants, and danishes. The Redbird even offers signature drinks such as Redbird latte, Pelham Palmer, and Redbird soda. The soda is an espresso with tonic, heavy cream, and their signature Redbird syrup. Every item offered on the menu is $5.00 or less.

You may notice that each menu item has a “suggested price” listed beside it, though. This is because Redbird’s pricing works differently than most coffee shops or businesses in general.

The Redbird Coffee is unique because it offers a “Pay As You Can” pricing, meaning the prices listed are merely suggestions. According to their website, you can bless the business as you see fit. This means your coffee can be free if you wish.

This system is based on the belief that a business should be built on a foundation of making a difference rather than just making money. However, the staff at Redbird promises to give their customers their absolute best regardless of what you choose to give them because they believe “everyone deserves a great cup of coffee regardless of their means.” 

All profits made by their business will go to benefit the community and to advance the Kingdom of God, meaning that each purchase will make a difference. Redbird’s business model is “Good Coffee Does Good.” 

Gary and Laura are the proud founders of The Redbird. Their mission is to create change in their city, the coffee market, and the world through spreading the goodness of the Kingdom of God. 

Their three daughters, Reghan, Meredith, and Kendall have also played crucial roles in making The Redbird a reality. They are each pursuing careers of their own while working at the coffee house to make a difference. JonMichael and Raeanne Lee are also vital parts of The Redbird team and are excited to share their gifts with the community. 

Gary and Laura are partnered with Hope Food Co, which is the inspiration behind the new restaurant. They were inspired by the way the company was able to intermingle business and Jesus to impact the community. Hope Food Co provided them with mentorship and helped them to get their own business up and running. 

If you are interested in learning more about The Redbird Coffee and the story behind their business, you can visit their website. They are also active on all of their social media accounts run by their daughters. You can find them on Facebook at The Redbird Coffee and on 

Instagram at Redbirdcoffeeal.

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