JSU’s Homecoming King and Queen crowned

Courtesy of Matt Reynolds and Katie Alexander/JSU

Abigail Harrison, News Editor

The winners of JSU’s 2021 Homecoming Court were announced on Wednesday, October 6 at 5 p.m. during the Homecoming Carnival. Excited students gathered on the TMB lawn to see who would be chosen to represent the university. Even the bad weather earlier in the day could not wash away the school spirit of the winners.

Daniel Washington, Vice President of the Student Senate, was the one who announced the results of the election. The crowd held its breath as Quad Whitson and Sarah Sumners were crowned Homecoming King and Queen.

Quad Whitson is the son of Tamala Whitson and Shannon Caldwall from Lincoln, Ala. He is a senior majoring in family and consumer science. He is involved in the Student Culinary Council, the Truth Racial Healing and Transformation Center, and the Family and Consumer Science Association. 

Winning King has shown Whitson his hard work in school has been worth it, and the people who voted for him see his efforts and believe in him. 

“Ever since I was a freshman here, I have been involved in some way, shape, form, or fashion in an organization where I can provide service for my peers and the university,” Whitson said. “So it means to me that everything I have done up to this point has truly paid off.” 

Sarah Sumners is the daughter of Natalie and David Sumners from Marietta, Georgia. She is a senior majoring in communications. She is a GO! Orientation Coordinator, President of Delta Zeta, and the Senior Vice President of Zeta Phi Eta.

Winning Queen has shown Sumners her peers see a light in her that she tries to spread at JSU, and she is honored to have been chosen to represent the university.

“It means that the people at JSU, the students and everyone in the community, see in me what I hope would represent JSU the best,” Sumners said. “I try to make myself not a stranger to anybody, so the fact that my peers see that in me means a lot.”

Both Whitson and Sumners commented on the tremendous amount of support they received from friends, family, and peers during the journey of running for Homecoming Court. For Sumners, her friends being there for her helped encourage her along the way.

“Everyday I woke up and remembered I have friends backing me no matter what, and that’s what meant the most to me,” Sumners said.

Whitson is especially grateful for those who came out to help him campaign around campus.

“It showed me how many friends I actually have and how many people I have met here at JSU that truly care about me,” Whitson said.

The King and Queen both expressed how grateful they are for their voters, and they will continue to work hard everyday to represent the school and be there for their peers.

Students can come out to see the winners ride in the Homecoming Parade on Saturday, October 9. They will also be honored during halftime of Saturday’s football game against SFA.

As for Homecoming festivities, there are still plenty of events students can attend to get into the school spirit. Dr. Killingsworth encourages everyone to find ways to get involved in Homecoming week.

“We may have a little more rain before the day is out, but the weekend is gonna be great. So hang around, enjoy the activities, and let’s cheer them on when it comes Saturday in the parade and then at the football game,” Killingsworth said.

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