SGA keeps the semester rolling with fun events for students

Courtesy of Abigail Harrison

Abigail Harrison, News Editor

JSU Student Government Association sponsored Rolling at the Rec on Tuesday, September 28. The event was hosted at the University Recreation Center and was free to students.

A roller rink was assembled on one of the basketball courts. The glow in the dark floor, flashing disco lights, and upbeat music created a fun atmosphere for students to mingle together.  Light up roller skates were provided or participants could bring their own pair. 

The event had a great turnout with a line of excited students waiting for their chance to skate. SGA encourages students to come out to these events because it is an easy and fun way to get involved on campus. 

Caleb Christ, freshman at JSU, is a member of SGA who worked the event. He said that SGA hosts these activities for students because “it’s important to give people opportunities to meet other people.”

Another SGA worker at the event was Caleb Simmons, freshman, and he also encouraged students to take advantage of these free activities because making friends around campus plays a crucial role in student success, especially for freshmen coming into a new environment.

“It’s important to meet people and make connections so that we can improve our school and have fun with everybody,” Simmons said.

SGA will be hosting several events next week to celebrate JSU’s 2021 Homecoming.

Students can attend the Homecoming Carnival at TMB Lawn on Wednesday, October 6 from 3-6 p.m. This free event will have several fun carnival events and yummy food for students to get into the Homecoming spirit.

Also, on Thursday, October 7 SGA will be having a Homecoming Cookout from 4-7 p.m. at Dillon Field. Students can grab some free food and see the various Homecoming art pieces.

All students are encouraged to get involved with the many events happening around the friendliest campus in the South.

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