Berman Museum in Anniston to undergo construction

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Emily Ford, Correspondent

Berman Museum has exciting news for all of you history buffs out there. Their second floor is due for a facelift. The museum has already begun undergoing construction that will include a brand new floor plan complete with new artifacts.

The museum will be temporarily re-opening on October 7 for their annual Fall Fest so guests can tour the new construction. After the Fall Fest, the museum will once again close as they enter into their second building phase. This is expected to last for an additional month, but dates are still pending.

New construction will take place on four of the museum’s most popular galleries: Arts of Asia, World Wars, Changing Gallery, and Danger, Deception, and Disguise. The construction will include new walls, paths, plaques, and graphics. 

The main purpose of the update is to give visitors a new and improved touring experience. Guests will be taken through a clear route of the museum that is displayed by each time period chronologically. It will be told as a story to make the concepts easier to grasp, and the new layout is designed to be more engaging for visitors. 

The staff at Berman Museum are grateful for the continued support demonstrated by the community, and they want to give their future visitors updates throughout their journey of improvements. For those who would like to keep up with their progress, you can follow them on their various social media accounts where they will be posting frequent updates. 

You can follow their journey on Facebook (Berman Museum), Instagram (ExploreAMAG), Twitter (ExploreAMAG), and YouTube (Anniston Museums and Gardens). They also have a website with information about their history, their exhibits, and their staff (

For those who are feeling impatient, do not worry. Although Berman Museum will be closed to the public during the time of construction, Renee Lyons, Public Relations Manager for the museum, has assured the public that the Anniston Museum of Natural History will remain open throughout the construction process.

The museum truly has an exhibit for everyone to enjoy. Some of their most well liked exhibit halls include Environments of Africa, Birds of the Americas, and Ancient Egypt. 

Birds of the Americas features over 400 bird species in their life-like poses. It includes a collection which contains the oldest bird dioramas in the United States. This exhibit hall contains endangered and extinct birds, such as the passenger pigeon, the ivory-billed woodpecker, and the Carolina parakeet.

In the Ancient Egypt hall, you can view 2,300-year-old Ptolemaic (Greek-era) mummies and discover the intricate steps of mummification. You can even smell some of the common fragrances used in the process, such as frankincense and myrrh. This hall even features a bust of Tasherytpamenekh and theorizes how she may have looked in real life.

In Environments of Africa, guests can see some of the world’s largest mammals, consider the African baobab tree’s immense size, and pose for a picture with an elephant. Guests can wander through the Chad desert, the lush rainforest, and marshy wetlands in this incredible exhibit hall.

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