Hot Take: fall books to enjoy between classes

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Brooklynn Wilkes, Correspondent

Classes have officially started back and surely the last thing anyone would want to do is pick up a book. However, if you love fall as much as most people do, these books might just interest you enough to take a break from studying and dive into another reality.

Though it is not quite fall, allow yourself to slip even deeper with a spooky story. 

“Night Films” by Marisha Pessl 

“Night Films” is a captivating story of loss, mystery and takes you on a journey to finding the truth. Police have made a decision on Ashley Cordova’s death, however, there seems to be more than meets the eye. Investigative journalist, Scott McGrath, seeks to find the truth behind the death of the young girl. Set in October, in lower Manhattan, it is hard to put this book down with its mysterious fall feels. In fighting to find the truth, McGrath might lose more than his wife and job. Suspense is not hard to find in this eerily thrilling book. 

“How to Hang a Witch” by Adriana Mather

Salem, Mass. screams fall time with a deadly past and low whispers of witches from the past coming back to haunt the living. “How to Hang a Witch” by Adriana Mather finds itself set in Salem and the ever-continuing conversation of the Witch Trials that happened there. Samantha Mather finds herself in a new city, a new school, and with a whole lot of new problems. Samantha finds herself being a target to a group of girls who are descendants of those who were hanged during the Witch Trials in Salem long ago. This is all thanks to her very own ancestor who happened to be the one putting witches on trial at the time.

“The Secret History” by Donna Tartt 

“The Secret History” places us at an elite New England college. With the help of their charming professor, a group of students labeled as misfits finds a new way of living and thinking that pulls them out of their realities. The Secret History has been named a psychological thriller that shows how hard it can be to live life to the fullest and how easy it can be to lose your life. These misfits will have to learn how to balance the feeling of being untouchable and how to clean up an unthinkable mess. 

“The Year of the Witching” by Alexis Henderson

Within the land of Bethel, Immanuelle Moore comes from a line of a once-honored family until her very existence became a disgrace. She is the daughter of an unaccepted union between her mother and an outsider of a different race. In “The Year of the Witching” by Alexis Henderson, Immanuelle does her best to submit herself and follow all Holy Protocol. She must conform herself to be like all other women within her settlement. Immanuelle finds herself with newly found gifts bestowed upon her by spirits from her mother’s past and a new sense of finding the truth about the Church and the darkness within it. If there is going to be change in Bethel, it must come from her. 

Taking time out of studying to immerse yourself into a fall-themed book might just help to get you into the spirit for the upcoming season. We do not have much time to wait, it is right around the corner. Happy reading and happy, almost, fall!

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