Hill: What quarantine has taught me

Breanna Hill, Features Editor 

Focusing on all of the negatives associated with 2020 and 2021 has become the new norm. The ongoing pandemic has continued to isolate people, and the isolating is still occurring while the process of distributing vaccines is going on.

Focusing on the positives of this time is next to impossible, but I have dedicated my time to focusing on the positives and have found there might be more than one might think. 

Spending time with family and friends has been close to impossible for quite some time, and though it’s caused me a great deal of sadness, I must admit to myself allowing myself time to just be alone has been one of the best decisions I could have made. 

Before the pandemic hit I was constantly out and about seeing family or friends and focusing on them more than I focused on myself. With my new found alone time I have journaled more and fallen back in love with reading and writing–things I haven’t made time for in quite some time. 

I began to remember how much my hobbies help me. They help me unwind and relax after a hectic day of classes. They help me clear my head and escape from whatever may be troubling me at the time. I’ve come to the realization that spending time with yourself is just as important as going out and spending time with others. 

To go along with that, I’ve learned cherishing time spent with loved ones is something I need to do more often. Too many times I’ve taken for granted birthday parties, vacations and going to the movies. I remember complaining year after year about attending family reunions, but now that the reunions have stopped because of unforeseen circumstances, I crave the interactions with loved ones I haven’t seen since before 2020. 

Each time I see my family now, I feel excitement take over me because I know how lucky I am to finally be able to see them after the long quarantine keeping us apart. 

I have watched my parents as teachers spend hour after hour adjusting their lesson plans to cater to the needs of their students and take on extra workloads–not just be there for their students academically but emotionally as well. Seeing this has led me to appreciating professors and teachers across the country who are proving to be understanding of younger people navigating through a worldwide pandemic, something they haven’t yet been through in their lives. 

I was given a chance to change up my routine which had become repetitive and uninteresting because of the pandemic, and have come to love spontaneity and spur of the moment plans. Appreciating the little things has become something I live for and something I’m thankful I have discovered. 

Though the negatives are seemingly greater in number than the positives in the world we’re living in today, noticing the positives is just as important as noticing the negatives. Some of us needed this break; some of us needed to find our true selves and get back to loving our hobbies and appreciating the little things.

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