Dobson: Top 10 Spotify podcasts to enjoy

"Podcast But Outside" is a Spotify podcast hosted by Andrew Michaan and Cole Hersh. (Courtesy of Podcast Review)"Podcast But Outside" is a Spotify podcast hosted by Andrew Michaan and Cole Hersh. (Courtesy of Podcast Review)

Ryleigh Dobson, Correspondent

If you listen to Spotify podcasts, here are some to add to your list. Each of the podcasts are part of a series with numerous episodes.

1. “Podcast But Outside” with hosts Andrew Michaan and Cole Hersch

These two entertainers sit outside at different locations with a table and microphones, but no camera person (though you can find their videos on youtube). They ask random bypassers if they would like to talk on their podcast and once they are done talking they give them a dollar. 

Andrew and Cole usually go to places they pick, but you can book them at your weddings if you go to their website. Every single one of their episodes are very amusing due the unpredictable guests and situations. 

Check them out on Spotify. They release new episodes consistently!

2. “Office Ladies” with hosts Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey

Are you obsessed with the mockumentary sitcom series The Office? Well did you know Jenna who plays Pam and Angela who plays Angela from the series released a podcast talking about every single episode of The Office? 

They break down fun details about the episode and as well as many behind the scenes stories. Many other characters have been guests on the podcast for instance John Krasinski who plays Jim was in the episode “Gay Witch Hunt.” 

For you superfans, they explain what was in THE teapot!

3. “Crime Junkies” with hosts Ashley Flowers and Brit Pawat

Do you like listening to true crime stories? Well you definitely need to check out this podcast, these two women come to you every Monday and tell a new real life crime story. 

Some stories come from very recent crimes or some that are from way in the past, their goal is to bring awareness to these tragedies hoping someone can bring new details to the cases. 

They ask at the end of every episode to call a number if you have any details about a case they talked about in that episode hoping the victims families can get closure.

4. “Jim Harold’s Campfire”

Have you been looking for a podcast that has real life events involving the paranormal? 

Well, look no further: Jim Harold’s podcast is run by everyday average people calling in and sharing their paranormal story. Their stories range from hauntings to alien abductions, all very entertaining. This summer instead of watching scary movies you can listen to real life horror stories by average people. He releases stories every Thursdays!

5. “Life is Short with Justin Long”

Are you wanting to learn how superstars such as Bon Jovi, Vince Vaughn, Neil Patrick Harris and many more became who they are today? 

Well, that’s exactly what Justin wants to know as well, he interviews these amazing people asking them serious questions such as their meaning of life. As well as silly questions like what their favorite emoji is. 

As a listener you get to experience very personal moments with renowned celebrities you never thought you would get the chance to. He posts new episodes every Tuesday.

6. “The Morning Ritual” with host Lilly Balch

Are you needing to slow down in the mornings, to start off your days with calmness and positivity?

Then tune into Lilly Balchs’ podcast, as she helps you wake up and set your mind to self-examination and reflections. In everyone of her episodes she gives you a good mantra for your day as well as a calm safe space. Right now, she is posting everyday she is doing a 10 day meditation challenge.

7. “Guided Sleep Meditations”

If you are having trouble sleeping and love meditation, this podcast is the one for you. His voice is sure to soothe you into sleep with the help of the relaxing music in the background. The best part of his podcast is there are many different styles to pick from; he just released a zen garden episode and it is by far my favorite. He posts episodes weekly.

8. “Sleepy” with host Otis Gray

Do you like to listen to tv shows to fall asleep? Well, you should try this instead. Otiss’ balmy voice is sure to tranquilize you to sleep as he reads his listeners stories. He doesn’t read ordinary bedtime stories, he reads a range of books from Beauty and the Beast to Moby Dick. He releases new episodes every Sunday, a good way to start your week with a goodnight sleep.

9. “The Knowledge Project” with host Shane Parrish

Shane interviews very knowledgeable and accomplished people; he asks them what they do and gives advice for life. Listening to this podcast has really changed my way of thinking as well as my perspective of life; every episode makes you reflect. 

I recommend you check out the episode with Julia Galef first. He releases new episodes every two weeks on Tuesdays.

10. “Making Sense” with host Sam Harris

Are you needing structure in your life? This podcast is a great way to stay in touch with news going on today and speaks with conversant people of different topics. The guests talk about their experience with life and some have books you can read if you are truly intrigued by their opinions. He releases episodes every week.

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