JSU Organization Spotlight: Level Up

Members of Level Up teamed up with other organizations for a kickball game last month. (Courtesy of JSU)Members of Level Up teamed up with other organizations for a kickball game last month. (Courtesy of JSU)

Breanna Hill, Features Editor

Level Up has been an active organization at Jacksonville State University since the fall semester of 2011. The organization serves as an outlet for students to play games and unwind after classes.

“We’ve always made sure everything is easygoing and laid-back so that everyone can have a good time, no matter what they want to play,” said Garrett Harrelson, president of Level Up.

On a daily basis, members will join in on chats held in the Discord server to talk and have fun. Before the pandemic hit, members would join one another for lunch either on or off campus.

The group has participated with the library with the popular Game Day event which is held so students can take a break during finals week.

“Off campus, we’ve helped with Annicon for the last two years,” said Harrelson. “Annicon is a free, all-day event hosted by the Anniston Public Library that celebrates Asian cultures.”

Before the state’s lockdown last year, the members also planned on hosting a Super Smash Bros. tournament for the community at the Anniston Public Library, but the event was cancelled due to COVID-19.

The organization prides itself on providing a place where students can gather to relax from the stress that college life brings with it.

“Everyone here shares a common interest, of course, but we all make sure that anyone who comes in is welcome and has a good time while they are with us,” said Harrelson.

While remaining cautious of the guidelines, the members have maintained an active network of members through the messaging platform Discord. During the times the group couldn’t meet in person, their meetings were held online. 

“Now that we can meet in-person again, we can bring back some semblance of our normal meetings, although seating is limited, and we space everyone out,” he said. “Now that other smaller groups on campus like ourselves are starting to host events again, we are reaching out to help with their events as well.”

Across all of Level Up’s platforms — Facebook, Discord and Instagram — they have over 400 followers.

“Hopefully with COVID clearing up we can go back to a room full of students and little seating left open,” said Harrelson. 

Getting involved is easy. Flyers are around campus with the QR code to scan to join the group’s designated Discord server or simply follow their other social media accounts: @jsulevelup.

Meetings are currently being held on Wednesday nights from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Ayers Hall, room 259.

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