Review: A taste of today’s alternative rock

Joe Keery, pictured, performed the song "Roddy," a song popular to the social media platform TikTok. (Courtesy of NME)Joe Keery, pictured, performed the song "Roddy," a song popular to the social media platform TikTok. (Courtesy of NME)

Ryleigh Dobson, Correspondent

Are you looking to spice up your Spring Break with some new music? Here are some bands that fall in the alternative/indie pop category.

Coulou is a new artist who I discovered on TikTok playing covers of songs on his trumpet. He is a multi instrumental producer and performer that has released a few songs. 

I would describe his music as upbeat lofi music that brings a sense of calm and serenity to all of his listeners. Coulou’s soft voice can relax any music lover in the most stressful of times. If you enjoy the sound of an exposed trumpet over an unique voice you would love his music. My favorite song is “Honeybee.”

Other enjoyable songs by Coulou include “Vodka & Lime,” “Broken Bones,” “Sorta Simple,” “Sunrise” and “K.Y.N.”

Our next band is called Djo, fun fact the lead singer plays Steve in Stranger Things the Netflix original series. That’s right, Joe Keery has his own music that is enjoyed by over 700,000 people! 

If you like TikTok you’ve surely heard his song “Roddy” it was really big in 2020, but what people did not realize was that it was Keery behind this famous song. His music can be described as a psychedelia soundscape, as it makes you feel like you are floating through time and not even gravity can hold you down. 

Take a listen to his music and you will get one radical earworm that you will not want to get rid of. My top pick within his collection has to be “Mortal Projections”

Side note: Joe was in a American psychedelic rock band called Post Animal, before his solo career, and if you enjoy the sounds of ‘groovy’ rock I suggest giving this a listen.

Other songs by Keery include “Keep Your Head Up,” “Flash Mountain,” “Personal Lies,” “Total Control” and “Chateau.”

Next up is the music group Peach Pit. Their music is extremely unique; the band describe themselves as “surf rock” and “chewed bubble-gum pop,” but their music falls under the indie and rock genre. 

The four members are extremely goofy and really enjoy the art of creating music, as is shown in their work. Their music provides nothing but ‘good vibes’ and happiness, any listener can agree there is heart and passion in every note. Though it’s hard to choose, my favorite song by the group is “Drop the Guillotine.”

Other songs by Peach Pit include “You and Your Friends,” “Alrighty Aphrodite,” “Shampoo Bottles,” “Tommy’s Party,” “Techno Show” and “Peach Pit.”

The final groups’ name is Half Alive, this bunch reminds me of the hit band AJR, (if you haven’t heard of AJR you should definitely check them out). In other words, if you like upbeat fun music to groove to, you should take a listen to them! 

Uniquely their music is accompanied by actual instruments, rather than synthetic, which give the music more character and diversity. In addition to modern vocals, exposed instruments incorporate to deliver a nifty twist. Exposed instruments add a twist to todays’ music when you add modern vocal styles to the pieces. My top pick from this group has to be “Arrow.” 

Other songs performed by Half Alive are “BREAKFAST,” “CREATURE,” “RUNAWAY,” “Awake At Night,” “Still Feel” and “Maybe.”

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