Review: What’s better than Heirloom Taco and jazz?

Heirloom Taco is a local taco restaurant located adjacent to the Jacksonville Square. (Matt Reynolds/JSU)Heirloom Taco is a local taco restaurant located adjacent to the Jacksonville Square. (Matt Reynolds/JSU)

Ryleigh Dobson, Correspondent

Lively music filled the Jacksonville Square on Monday night as Heirloom Taco hosted Jacksonville State Univerity’s jazz ensemble in a night of tacos and music.

As a jazz and taco enthusiast myself, I thought the two went together seamlessly and think the event should without a doubt happen again. What else could anyone want?

The restaurant was filled to capacity with everyone they could possibly fit safely in that area. Listeners lined up outside the gated area of the establishment eating tacos, as well as the attendees inside. 

Everyone was physically affected by the music just moving and grooving to the absolutely entertaining show. The steady rhythm of the drum would get everyone tapping their toes and clapping their hands. Ringing notes from the trumpet would get audience participants heads bobbing. Whaling notes from the saxophone set up the playfulness of each song. Chaotic tunes from the trombone setting and sometimes breaking the foundation of the number. 

Working in unison the musicians would playfully reflect the melody off of each other. Each performer producing their own version of the melody

The ensemble put on such an energetic show just bouncing to the music and cheering each other on as the soloist played. Every member would lean in and look at the soloist giving them their spotlight as they played their own unique improvisation. 

Overjoyed, the audience would cheer and holler with the performers of the band at the end of the solos to show support for the solo musician. Looking around during the performance not a single soul wasn’t moving to the beat in some way. The entire establishment was completely consumed by the music, ecstatic with every notation put on by the ensemble.

“The performance went great,” said Carson Walker, drummer and vibraphonist in the jazz ensemble, after the performance. “There were definitely some small hiccups here and there, but to me that is part of what makes live performances interesting and human.”

Asked what his favorite song played by the group was, he said “A Single Sky” by Dave Douglas.

“It has a ton of energy and I get to play a drum solo in the middle of it,” he said.

“It was incredible to be out playing in public again.” Walker continued. “Great to be a part of an event that seemed to bring the community back together at a locally owned restaurant.”

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