Review: Adventures of ‘Ginny and Georgia’

"Ginny and Georgia" is a dramedy that released on Netflix on Feb. 24. (Courtesy of Vox)"Ginny and Georgia" is a dramedy that released on Netflix on Feb. 24. (Courtesy of Vox)

Jamie Brock, Correspondent

Netflix original “Ginny and Georgia” takes viewers along in the first season with 16 year old Ginny, her best friend/mom, and her younger brother Austin, as they start their new life in Wellsbury, Mass.

Life in Wellsbury is not all as it seems to Georgia, as she starts finding out that her mom has many, many secrets she has been hiding for a while now. 

While starting her studies at a new high school, Ginny finds herself in a new friend group, and a love triangle with two guys, Hunter and Marcus as well.

In the midst of Ginny finding herself and new interests, the show reveals that her mom is potentially involved with past criminal activities that seemed to have followed her to Wellsbury.

While Georgia tends to cover her tracks very well, once things start to catch up to her, Ginny becomes very suspicious and starts to wonder why her mom is hiding so much from her.

Ginny gets mixed up in some typical teen drama between her friends and lovers while dealing with issues at home as well, and feels pretty lost there for a while. 

Everyone is struck with surprises as Ginny’s dad makes a surprise visit, and then leaves with no trace, Georgia becomes engaged to the mayor as soon as another scandal arises, and a private investigator is snooping around with Georgia’s sister to uncover some dirty secrets. 

The ending of the first season includes a shocking fireworks show after the mayor is reelected, and one of Georgia’s secrets is subtly revealed. Ginny takes Austin with her to find her dad thinking that she no longer wants to be around her mom.

The ending cliffhanger leaves viewers wondering: why is Georgia so secretive? Did she actually do it? Is Ginny coming back? Does Georgia get away with it? We’ll hopefully find out in season 2 released in early 2022.

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