Review: ‘Oh No, Not Again!’ is Alexander 23’s latest success

Alexander 23 has 7.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify. (Courtesy of The Honey POP)Alexander 23 has 7.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify. (Courtesy of The Honey POP)

Jada Hester, Correspondent

One of TikTok’s favorite artists recently has been Alexander 23, and his most recent album release on Feb. 19 of “Oh No, Not Again! has put him in the spotlight.

Though five of the songs were previously released as singles, such as the TikTok favorite “IDK You Yet,” four new tracks accompany them to make this sentimental, tender EP.

What stuck out the most on Alexander 23’s newest album was the honesty in the lyrics. Most tracks speak about love – some about finding it, and some about leaving it behind. 

“Caught in the Middle” was one such song about trying to move on after a breakup even though you know that person so well, and the artist shocks you with the lyrics, “Sometimes I think about your dog and wonder / If she thinks I passed away / Oh, oh-oh / I think a part of me is dead now so / I guess she’s right in a strange way.”

In another bout of honesty, Alexander 23 sings, “I’m not crazy / It’s okay to cry in the target parking lot” in “Come Here and Leave Me Alone.” 

The artist may be heartbroken, but like everyone else over this past year, he has also had to deal with isolation during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. He and artist Jeremy Zucker sing together in “Nothing’s the Same” about the drastically changed world: “Used to have fun, now we only get together / Nothing’s the same as it was before / Lost track of time at the grocery store.”

The EP’s most personal track is by far “Track 9,” the final song. 

Alexander 23 breaks the fourth wall, and in the first verse, it seems as though he may be talking directly to the listener. 

“Hey / It’s been a while since we talked / I see you made it all the way to “track 9” / So thanks / For listening to all my thoughts.” However, by continuing to listen to the song, we can tell that the artist is speaking to one person in particular. “And you’re probably wondering where are all the songs about us? / I hear ‘em in my head, but I can’t write ‘em down ‘cause / Once the pen’s to paper, then it’s really, really over.” 

Though sad, this track has a bittersweet, nearly intimate feel to it that you don’t often hear in music. It’s safe to say that Alexander 23’s music is much more than a simple TikTok trend. The slow, laid-back but touching songs are enough to make anyone relax, which is something the world needs during this pandemic. “Oh No, Not Again!” should be at the top of everyone’s “to listen” list for 2021.

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