Album review: Throwing it back with ‘Hey, I’m Just Like You’

Correspondent Jada Hester reviews "Hey, I'm Just Like You" by indie duo Tegan and Sara. (Courtesy of Billboard)Correspondent Jada Hester reviews "Hey, I'm Just Like You" by indie duo Tegan and Sara. (Courtesy of Billboard)

Jada Hester, Correspondent

It’s safe to say that pre-COVID times were much easier for everyone in a multitude of ways, and that’s why we’re throwing it back to September of 2019, before quarantine thrust us into our houses for months, and albums weren’t all about isolation and depression.

In the album “Hey, I’m Just Like You,” Canadian indie duo Tegan and Sara have also taken a step back to the past. 

Though the album was released in 2019, the tracks were written way back in the ‘90s when the twins were teenagers. 

Tegan and Sara rewrote some of the lyrics, but they kept the teen angst vibes that still resonate with listeners today. In fact, the teen angst is strong in most of the tracks, such as “What if I feel like I don’t belong? / What happens to my head if I go beyond? / What if I become all the horrible things I swore I would never be?” in “Please Help Me.” 

Teen angst isn’t a bad thing, of course, and many songs can still resonate with adults. Since Tegan and Sara have been a band since 1998, many fans have grown up and become adults with them. 

The pop-punk-synth-rock amalgamation works well for the artists, and it’s part of what they’re known for. The synth is definitely powerful in “Hey, I’m Just Like You,” especially in “I Know I’m Not the Only One.”

Nevertheless, it’s interesting to listen to Tegan and Sara look back on their past selves, who sang about their worries for the future. 

Listeners relate because they can take their own step back to the past and reflect on their own fears at that age. 

If only the teen twins knew how popular they would be in 2019 with nine albums out to date. 

“Hey, I’m Just Like You” reminds both teenagers and adults alike that they aren’t alone in their problems, and it invites everyone that, even if it might be hard, searching through your past can bring great things into the future.

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