‘How I’m Feeling Now’ is definitely how we’re all feeling now

Correspondent Jada Hester provides a review of Charli XCX's album "how i'm feeling now." (Courtesy of Celeb Mix)Correspondent Jada Hester provides a review of Charli XCX's album "how i'm feeling now." (Courtesy of Celeb Mix)

Jada Hester, Correspondent

Like everyone stuck in quarantine due to COVID-19, Charli XCX has been struggling with loneliness and isolation, and her most recent album, “how i’m feeling now,” is a testament to those feelings.

Released on May 15, 2020, this album provides listeners with Charli’s signature electronic club pop, with futuristic vibes and computer glitch-like vocals. 

The pandemic is one major reason for so many album releases over the past year, and “how i’m feeling now” emits much of the same sentiment as the others. Artists, much like their fans, miss partying, clubbing, dancing – things that people often do with friends, which aren’t safe during a pandemic. 

The mundane parts of life have become too repetitive, and many people have fallen into monotonous routines. Charli was particularly relatable in “anthems” when she sang, “I’m so bored (Woo) / Wake up late, eat some cereal / Try my best to be physical / Lose myself in a TV show / Staring out to oblivion.” 

However, some of her songs are about love and Charli’s relationship. “Forever” and “enemy” are tracks dedicated to the singer’s current boyfriend, Huck Kwong, and how difficult long-distance relationships can be. 

Prior to the pandemic, the couple were reportedly not doing well, but they have since been living together in L.A. “Forever” in particular discusses how much Charli would still want to be in Kwong’s life, even if they drifted apart: “I will always love you (Love you) / I’ll love you forever / Even when we’re not together.” 

Other tracks are simply meant for the dance floor. This is one reason that Charli’s music is not necessarily for everyone – the aggressive beats and live-in-the-moment bassline can be too much. 

“Pink Diamond” and “visions” sound as though they belong in a rave, and the artist is obviously missing the party scene, though she may be hiding behind the music. 

Some of the lyrics hidden in these tracks don’t precisely correlate with the upbeat tone of the album. In “c2.0,” which sounds just as electronic as her other songs, Charli sings about how much she misses her fans. “I miss them every night / I miss them by my side / Catch my tears when I cry / My clique on me for life.” 

The melancholy, lonely lyrics behind such happy music are incredibly relatable as the world continues to navigate COVID-19. 

The futuristic and eccentric rhythms were a breath of fresh air near the beginning of quarantine. Though released in 2020, Charli’s how i’m feeling now still resonates in the beginning of 2021, and it will likely still inspire fans long after the pandemic is gone.

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