Review: Local journalist Tim Lockette publishes ‘Atty at Law’

Tim Lockette is a staff writer for The Anniston Star and recently published the book "Atty at Law." (Courtesy of Timesnest)Tim Lockette is a staff writer for The Anniston Star and recently published the book "Atty at Law." (Courtesy of Timesnest)

Breanna Hill, Features Editor

Big news in a small town travels fast and the news of Anniston Star writer Tim Lockette becoming a published author certainly solidifies that saying.

Lockette grew up in Jacksonville, Ala. and traveled widely, only to return back to his old stomping grounds to reside, and eventually, become an accomplished writer for the Anniston Star and a newly-published author.

Lockette proves to be someone who refuses to slow down when it comes to his work, and it’s represented easily throughout his ongoing career. He has been a reporter for not only the Anniston Star but Teaching Tolerance, and the Gainesville Sun among other newspaper publications.

Stepping away from his reporting work, the most recent accomplishment is the publication of his young adult novel, “Atty at Law,” which is an enthralling book about a young heroine named Atticus Peale, or Atty for short.

The plot of the story is set in small town Alabama, which is a welcomed discovery in an author who is well-versed in traveling during his lifetime. A nod to his own state is a much appreciated plot point within the story itself. 

Throughout the story, readers will find themselves rooting for 12-year-old Atty as she continuously tries to navigate her pre-teen years while standing up for others who may not be able to stand up for themselves for one reason or another. A downright, feel-good novel is the best way I can describe what Lockette has given to his readers. 

“Atty at Law” is Lockette’s first published novel, and after reading his first readers will crave for more of his written work in any form. Seven Stories Press saw the beautiful plot line woven in Lockette’s book and decided to publish this piece of work in September of last year. 

After the mass success of his first published novel, Lockette is set to have yet another novel published in September of 2021 titled “Tell It True.” It’s another fictional novel about a high school newspaper editor who is attempting to cover a murder case that happened locally. This novel is highly anticipated to have another life lesson woven into the storyline involving friendship. The connection with journalism in this upcoming novel and Tim’s everyday career will definitely be interesting to watch unfold within the story line.

Lockette is sure to continue publishing work, whether it be in various novels, the newspaper, or a combination of the two, and admirers of his work will only grow in number. His writing and his life experiences have served him well, and the public can only benefit from his work. 

His first novel is incredibly written and definitely worth the read. While waiting on the second, highly anticipated Lockette novel to become available, take a look at his work in the Anniston Star. You won’t be disappointed.

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