An in-depth look at Taylor Swift’s versatility in ‘Evermore’

Taylor Swift's new album "Evermore" was released on Dec. 11, 2020, less than five months after debuting "Folklore." (Courtesy of Esquire)Taylor Swift's new album "Evermore" was released on Dec. 11, 2020, less than five months after debuting "Folklore." (Courtesy of Esquire)

Breanna Hill, Features Editor

Yet again, Taylor Swift has gone above and beyond to create another amazing, emotionally raw album named Evermore.

The album was released Dec. 11 and the beautifully produced songs are swarming the charts, growing in popularity by the day. 

A deep appreciation for Taylor Swift has grown recently because of the realization of her versatility and how she’s used it in the music industry. The world has seen Swift make music for different genres such as country, pop and (most recently) indie/folklore. 

The switch from the pop genre to the folklore genre occurred during the quarantine brought on by the global pandemic, and the feedback to her latest two album releases has been more positive than negative. 

The first album Taylor released in her newly preferred music genre, Folklore, was listed No. 1 on Rolling Stones annual ‘Best Albums of 2020’, which further shows the amount of streams and love she’s receiving with this new chapter of her musical journey.

Focusing in on her latest release, Evermore, is compiled of emotionally raw, and vulnerable songs filled with heartbreak, love, and friendship. There are fifteen tracks included on the album and features a few artists: The National, HAIM, and Bon Iver (who collaborated on the song ‘Exile’ featured on Swift’s last album Folklore).

Swift has adapted to each style of music she’s taken on almost effortlessly and continues to create popular albums. The lyrics she’s been producing as of late is some of her best work and shows a sense of vulnerability she’s chosen to let show to her listeners.

Being in quarantine has altered many artists’ work in some way or another; some are choosing to use this time to decompress and recharge, and then there are others, such as Taylor Swift, who are popping out incredible albums one right after the other. 

According to Nielsen Holdings, a data and marketing measurement firm, Evermore has topped the latest Billboard album chart with 220 million streams. 

The amount of positive feedback these two most recent albums has gained further proves how smooth and seamless the transition into this particular genre Taylor had.

Switching genres when you’re an artist can seem daunting and frightening for sure, only because of the possibility of not being accepted or taken seriously with the content produced, but Swift managed to not only switch without much backlash, but also climb the charts effortlessly. 

Versatility is a very admirable quality to have in the music industry for various reasons, switching genres being a primary one. Taylor has shown tremendous growth in the industry as of late, and I think this is another incredible beginning for her as she further explores her different, skillful abilities within the music industry and their genres. 

Evermore is available on all streaming platforms. Give it a listen, especially when you’re wanting to intensify your emotions.

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