Netflix original ‘Virgin River’ drops season 2

"Virgin River" is a Romantic drama on Netflix based on the "Virgin River" novels by Robyn Carr. (Courtesy of Netflix)"Virgin River" is a Romantic drama on Netflix based on the "Virgin River" novels by Robyn Carr. (Courtesy of Netflix)

Breanna Hill, Features Editor

The popular Netflix original “Virgin River” returned for a highly-anticipated season two on Nov. 27, and the show creators certainly delivered with even more plot twists, romance and drama.

Currently, the series is trending on Netflix’s top 10 list and after binging every episode in season two, I can see why. 

When I first started the series, I was captivated right away. I watched the first season a few weeks after it made its debut on the popular streaming platform and I was addicted. 

Though the town Virgin River and its residents give off major Hallmark Channel vibes, it represents so much more. 

I believe the biggest differences between this show and Hallmark shows and movies is that this series has major mystery subplots that contribute so much to the bigger storyline. If the series didn’t have that added element of mystery, it would be separated from the Hallmark Channel productions in my opinion. 

Another element of this Netflix series that makes it its own is the ability the show creators have to make the mystery, romance and drama seem anything but cringey, which unfortunately, is a recurring issue with the Hallmark Channel and the entertainment they produce.

Season two starts off with answering the questions which were left unanswered from the first season. The show creators knew they were leaving viewers with an unbelievably shocking cliffhanger in season one, but I really appreciated how they came back strong in the first episode of season two with the answers viewers were dying for; they didn’t make them wait. The plot twists aren’t predictable which is so refreshing with shows like this one. 

This season didn’t only bring the answers viewers were aching for, it brought on new characters, even more plot twists, and again, a shocking cliffhanger that literally left my mouth hanging wide open. I devoured the entire season within two days. Like the first season, there are ten episodes and each episode is approximately forty-five minutes long, though it doesn’t feel like that long. 

There were some aspects to season two that I wasn’t a fan of, but only one is worth mentioning. 

Charmaine, played by the lovely Lauren Hammersley, turned into a complete mean girl which completely transformed her character for me. I won’t give spoilers because I hate when people do that, but I will say that Charmaine in season two is like Charmaine in season one, but on Adderall. 

I didn’t particularly like her in season one because, like most viewers, I stan Jack and Mel and always will, but painting her as a manipulative, condescending person so harshly in the second season was not something I was expecting. 

I can safely say that each episode added something crucial to the overall plot. There were no lulls or massive dips within the storyline that irritated me to the point that I would take a break from the show, which is a triumphant feat in my eyes. I remained engaged through all ten episodes and, as a viewer, that’s all I can possibly ask for from a series. 

I highly recommend giving this show a chance. I know if I was to explain what the series is about most people would cast it off as a cringey show not worth their time, but I can accurately say that isn’t the case. And if that doesn’t convince you, one of the new characters is an adorable dog named Tucker.

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