Holiday shopping on a tight budget

Correspondent Whitney Ervin shares potential gift ideas for those holiday shopping on a budget. (Courtesy of MediaPost)Correspondent Whitney Ervin shares potential gift ideas for those holiday shopping on a budget. (Courtesy of MediaPost)

Whitney Ervin, Correspondent

Christmas is sneaking up on us once again. Shopping for gifts is always a bit stressful at best.

This year things are looking a bit trickier due to the ongoing pandemic. With many of us being reliant upon online shopping to find gifts, the task of gift buying can feel daunting. 

After all, with online shopping the world is at your fingertips. Anything you can think of could be found on a dozen or more websites of various levels of trustworthiness.

In the interest of making the holidays a bit easier for us all in this trying time, here is a compilation of gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

Cute and colorful miniature waffle iron at

For just $10.00 you can give the gift of waffles! This Dash Miniature Waffle iron comes in a variety of colors, allowing a bit of personalization. It’s light and convenient to use. Plus its compact size makes it easy to store. This adorable little waffle iron boasts five star reviews on!

A plush throw to keep your loved ones cozy from

These plush throws come in a range of colors and are perfect for lounging around with or they look nice draped along a chair. They’re cute, comfy, and will only cost you $10.00! The fabric is machine washable, so the care is easy. This throw manages to be soft and warm, but is still light weight. These throws were truly made with comfort in mind. 

Don’t wanna fork the money out on Uggs? Old has a comfy dupe 

Old Navy has on their website some cozy sherpa booties in white and black for just $26.99! The booties include memory foam insoles making it feel like “walking on a cloud” according to their website! The inside is lined with microfleece and sherpa. The perfect gift for your loved ones who want comfort and are maybe a bit nostalgic for this 2000s fashion statement (which has been making a bit of a comeback.) 

An app controlled, multi-colored light strip to help add some ambience

Available on, these Govee LED light strips will only run you $21.99! They make an inspired gift idea, venturing away from the usual safety of candles or pajamas. They’re controlled right from a convenient app. In the app you can control the colors of the lights, and even set timers for the lights. You can also set them up to synchronize with music, changing colors to match the rhythm. They’re easy to apply with a peel and stick backing. They have a rating of 4.7 out of five stars on Amazon! 

A shiatsu neck and shoulder massager from Amazon

This is one the priciest item on this list, topping out at $36.99. However, it’s been a rough year for us all. What better gift to give in 2020 than the gift of a stress relieving massage? This multifunction massager has eight rolling balls with three levels of intensity and multiple levels of heating options. According to the high reviews on Amazon, this handy gadget feels just like a real person giving you a massage. 

As the holidays approach, things will no doubt look a little bit different for all of us. It’s important to remember that even if you’re on a tight budget, the season isn’t about the gifts we give. 

Shopping on a tight budget can prove difficult, and sometimes even impossible. Try to remember as the holidays approach, it’s not about the gifts we give. Rather it’s all about the love we share.

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